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from August 30, 2010 to September 17, 2010
computing center
Asia/Shanghai timezone
EPIKH (Exchange Programme to advance e-Infrastructure Know-How: http://www.epikh.eu/) announce the Grid School for Grid Site Administrators to be held in Beijing, China.

Event Scope / Purpose
The aim of this tutorial is to prepare system administrators on the installation of grid sites and actually put together those facilities. The first days will be dedicated to the gLite middleware, services installation and configuration. The second part will be dedicated to have the participants install sites, remotely (from the tutorial), at their home institutions.

Participants should have very good Linux knowledge and must know Bash shell and Perl programming. No prior gLite knowledge is required, although it is very welcome.
During the remote installation, at least one system administrator should be available at the home institution to aid in the site setup process.
The following hardware is needed at the home institutions for and adequate functional Grid site (highly recommended):
1 machine for the user interface (UI);
1 machine for the storage element (SE);
1 machine for the computing element (CE);
20 cores (at least) as worker nodes (WN).
Machines should be scratchable.
Smaller configurations are possible. For example, one machine for an UI may allow you to connect to a Grid without having a local site.
Deadline for registration
23 August 2010.
Registration fees
Registration for this event is free of charge.
Invitation Letter
If you need an invitation letter, please contact segreteria@consorzio-cometa.it. Such a letter is generally requested to get a visa.
Please check with the appropriate consulate/embassy whether or not a visa is necessary to get in the country of the event.
Starts Aug 30, 2010 08:00
Ends Sep 17, 2010 18:00
computing center
YuQuanLu Road 19B, BeiJing, China