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高能理论论坛 (HETH-Forum)

Composite nature of exotic state from data analysis

by Prof. 康现伟 (北京师范大学)



报告摘要:Compositeness is an important concept to promote a quantitative understanding of the inner structure for a molecular state. We introduce the compositeness formalism for the case of the resonance, as a generalization of bound-state case. We have also proposed a more general form of two-body scattering amplitude with explicit inclusion of CDD pole, which is more widely applicable than the effective range expansion. Combining those with the experimental input, we get some interesting conclusions that are not found in the previous literature. 报告人简介:康现伟,北京师范大学副教授,博士生导师。2014年于德国波恩大学获得博士学位,之后在德国于利希研究中心、西班牙穆尔西亚大学等从事博士后研究,2018年起于北京师范大学任教。主要从事强子物理中的散射问题、共振态性质、形状因子的计算及衰变等研究。已发表SCI论文40篇,被引900次,其中用B的四体衰变抽取|Vub|的建议已被引超过130次;关于半轻衰变的研究推动了相关BES实验的进展,被引超过50次;4篇关于散射和强子态的论文被粒子物理数据库PDG引用。2021年获得北京师范大学“励耘”优秀青年教师奖。 腾讯ID:965-5318-9128