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高能理论论坛 (HETH-Forum)

The challenge of the high accuracy Lattice QCD calculation in China

by Prof. 杨一玻 (理论所)



报告摘要:Lattice QCD is a first principle framework to understand the non-perturbative property of QCD precisely and accurately. But it is highly non-trivial to make both the statistical and systematic uncertainties of the realistic Lattice QCD calculation to be under control. The central challenge here is generating a full set of the gauge ensembles which can interpolate the light quark masses to be physical values, extrapolate to the infinite volume and continuum limit properly, and taking the leading QED correction into account. I will review the current state-of-the-arts in the international lattice community based on certain examples likes the quark mass determination, neutron-proton mass difference and the HVP contribution of g-2, and introduce our effects in China. 个人简介:杨一玻2010年博士毕业于中科院理论物理所,2010-2018年在中科院高能物理所、美国肯塔基大学和密西根州立大学做博士后,2018年至今任职中科院理论物理所。主要研究方向集中于利用格点QCD方法研究强子中的部分子性质,例如质量与极化贡献,分布函数和形状因子等。近年来也致力于格点QCD软件在国产超级计算机上的部署,并与中科院近物所与高能所等单位合作,对规范组态的产生进行了一些探索。 腾讯会议:965-5318-9128