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Life in Hangzhou

Payments in China

The easiest way to use money from international bank accounts in China is to open an Alipay or WeChat account and bind your bank card. Detailed instructions can be found here:


It is possible to use cash but in many places it may be hard to get a change because the common way of payment is Alipay or WeChatPay. For this reason, we recommend opening an Alipay or WeChat account before traveling to China.

A QR code generated in Alipay application can be also used as a pass for metro and bus.

Maps and navigation

Baidu maps and Amap applications are the most up-to-date navigation services in China but unfortunately there are no versions in English language. However, there are maps with English translation which are working well in China: Apple maps for iPhone and Open Street Maps which can be conveniently downloaded and used offline through the application Maps.me on Android phone.

Mobile data connection

    We list here the possible solutions for mobile data in China.

    1. Buy a data roaming package from the current provider. Usually, there are options available for short-stay in China.
    2. Purchase a eSIM card before coming to China:

- https://www.getnomad.app/

- https://www.airalo.com/

- https://www.simoptions.com/

    3. Purchase a portable wi-fi device.
    4. Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH) & Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG) have counters that sell sim card that comes with a Chinese mobile number. All SIM Card is registered with a valid ID number (passport number). The counter in HGH might be closed before the last flight of the day arrives.


You can find a way to taxi pick-up points at the airport or train station if you just follow the signs 'taxi'. At the pick-up point you can get a taxi and show the HIAS address in Chinese to the taxi driver. Here is the phrase and translation:


Hi, please take me to Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study, UCAS, No.1 Xiangshan Zhinong, Xihu District. I can pay with Alipay and invoice is required. Thanks.

Translation apps

Many different translation applications are working well with Chinese and English, including translation of the photos and screenshots. The examples are Baidu Translate and DeepL translate. We recommend having one of them because most of the people in the city are not familiar with English.

Map of the Institute (Yunyi Campus)

3.1 On-campus hotelB7 Guoke Junting Hotel(国科郡亭酒店).

Hotel front desk phone: 0571-86081386.

3.2 Workshop building address2nd Lecture hall Room, School of Fundamental Physics and Mathematical Sciences, B3 of Gewu.