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Apr 24 – 28, 2024
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Vortex states of photons, electrons, and other particles are propagating wavepackets with helical wavefronts, which carry intrinsic orbital angular momentum (OAM) with respect to the propagation direction. This adjustable OAM is a new degree of freedom, previously unexplored in particle collisions, which offers new insights and gives access to novel regimes in QED, nuclear, hadronic, and high-energy scattering processes. 

The goal of this workshop is to summarize the present status of the field and to stimulate experimental efforts in producing and exploiting high-energy vortex states of particles. The main topics to be covered are:

  • Possible applications of high-energy vortex states in nuclear, hadronic, and particle physics
  • Ideas on generation and detection of high-energy vortex states
  • Ongoing experimental efforts and challenges
  • Development of theoretical description of vortex state scattering.

The workshop is organized by the School of Physics and Astronomy, Sun Yat-sen University, and will take place from 24 to 28 April 2024 in Zhuhai in the Southern China. Talks will be held from April 25 to 27, and a scientific visit is planned for April 28th.

Group photo

Group photo

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Registration fee :

  •  2000 CNY / Regular participant
  • 1200 CNY/ Student

Conference Venue: Room B101, Haiqin Bldg. No.2.

Zhuhai, China
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