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November 26, 2011
Main Building, Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS
Asia/Shanghai timezone
In the last decade, with its excellent I/O performance, good scalability and persistent features of open source, hardware neutral and POSIX compatibility, Lustre has become the most popular distributed file system in the HPC domain. According to the latest authoritative statistic (Top 500, June 2011), Lustre is used on at least 8 of the Top 10 supercomputers, and 70% of Top 100 supercomputers today deploy Lustre. In recent years, with the rapid development of HPC in China, more and more companies and institutes have joined the Lustre user groups. The wide deployment of Lustre is an irresistible trend. We profoundly feel that the Lustre users and developers in China desperately need a communication channel and platform in this process. So we propose to periodically hold a "China Lustre Workshop" to discuss Lustre issues, and to create a "Chinese Lustre users' community" to exchange experience, forge and sustain a bond with the development team, feed back problems and collect common requirements. This workshop is co-organized by the Institute of High Energy Physics and Whamcloud, Inc. The workshop will invite experts from Whamcloud and other well known enterprises and organizations to give technical presentations. Lustre users from different industries are welcomed to attend and exchange their valuable experience.The topics of the workshop include but are not limited to: -Current status and roadmap of Lustre -Experience, requirements and feedbacks of Lustre -Test results and comparison of Lustre file system -Third-party monitoring tools of Lustre -Tutorials for Lustre newbies Mandarin will be mainly used for the conference. For more details about the workshop, please visit the Chinese pages(http://lustrechina.csp.escience.cn/). We sincerely invite you to attend China Lustre Workshop 2011, see you in Beijing! Institute of High Energy Physics Whamcloud, Inc.
Starts Nov 26, 2011 08:30
Ends Nov 26, 2011 18:00
Main Building, Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS
Yuquan Road 19B,Shijingshan District,Beijing,China