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22-26 April 2013
IHEP, Beijing
Asia/Shanghai timezone

List of registrants

Number of participants: 149

downname institution position city country/region
Dr. ADINOLFI, Marco University of Bristol   St. Genis-Pouilly France
Dr. AKAMATSU, Yukinao Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe (KMI), Nagoya University   Nagoya Japan
Dr. ARSENE, Ionut Cristian Extreme Matter Institute, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany   Darmstadt Germany
Prof. BALI, Gunnar University of Regensburg   93040 Regensburg Germany
Dr. BASTIAN , Knippschild HISKP University of Bonn, Germany   Bonn Germany
Dr. BAUMGART, Matthew Carnegie Mellon University   Pittsburgh United States
Dr. BENZKE, Michael TU Munich   Munich Germany
BERWEIN, Matthias TU Munich   Munich Germany
Dr. BHARDWAJ, Vishal Nara Women's University Post-doc Nara Japan
Dr. BIANCHI, Livio INFN Torino - CERN   Torino Italy
Dr. BODWIN, Geoffrey Argonne National Laboratory   Argonne, IL 60517 United States
BRAATEN, Eric Ohio State University Professor Columbus, OH 43210 United States
Dr. BRAGUTA, Victor IHEP   Protvino Russian Federation
BRAMBILLA, Nora Technische Universitaet Muenchen Physik Department   Garching bei Muenchen Germany
Mr. BRESSIEUX, Joel EPFL   Lausanne Switzerland
Dr. BUSZELLO, Claus Peter University of Uppsala   Uppsala Sweden
Dr. CAO, Xu Giessen University   Giessen Germany
Prof. CHANG (ZHANG), Chao-Hsi (Zhao-Xi) the Institution of Theorectical Physics   Beijing China
Prof. CHAN, Lai-Him Louisiana State University   Baton Rouge, LA United States
Prof. CHAO, Kuang-Ta Peking University Professor Beijing China
Dr. CHEN, Guoying Xinjiang University   Urumqi China
Ms. CHI, yujie Peking University   Beijing China
Mr. CHUNG, Hee Sok Korea University Ph. D Student Seoul Korea, Republic of
Mr. CLEVEN, Martin Forschungszentrum Juelich   Juelich Germany
Dr. DESTEFANIS, Marco Universita' degli Studi di Torino Post Doc Torino Italy
Dr. DONG, Hai-Rong Institute of high energy physcics   beijing China
Mr. EE, June-Haak Physics Department, Korea University   Seoul Korea, Republic of
Dr. EICHTEN, Estia FNAL Scientist III Batavia, IL 60510 United States
Dr. EIDELMAN, Simon BINP   Novosibirsk Russian Federation
ESCOBEDO ESPINOSA, Miguel Angel Technische Universität München   Munich Germany
Mr. FENG, Feng Center for High Energy Physics, Peking University   Peking China
Mr. FENG, Yu Institute of High Energy Physics,CAS   Beijing China
Dr. GARCIA TORMO, Xavier University of Bern Postdoc Bern Switzerland
Prof. GODANG, Romulus University of South Alabama   Mobile United States
Dr. GONG, Bin IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. GUO, Aiqiang Nankai University   Tianjin China
Dr. GUO, Feng-Kun HISKP, Universitaet Bonn   Bonn Germany
Mr. GUO, Wei Peking University   Beijing China
Dr. HAIDENBAUER, Johann Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH   Juelich Germany
Dr. HANHART, Christoph IAS, Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany   Juelich Germany
HAN, Hao ITP,PKU   Beijing China
Dr. HOLLIS, Richard University of California, Riverside   Upton United States
Prof. HONG, Byungsik Korea University   Seoul Korea, Republic of
Mr. JIANG, Jinfeng Peking University   Beijing China
JIA, Yu IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. JU, wan li Harbin Institute of Technology   Harbin China
Mr. KANG, XIANWEI IHEP   Juelich Germany
Mr. KIM, Hyunchul Korea University phD student Seoul Korea, Republic of
Prof. KIM, Seyong Sejong University Professor Seoul Korea, Republic of
Mr. KIM, U-Rae Korea Univ. graduate student Seoul Korea, Republic of
Prof. KNIEHL, Bernd II. Inst. f. Theor. Phys., Univ. Hamburg   Hamburg Germany
Prof. KOZLOV, Gennady Joint Institute for Nuclear Research   Dubna Russian Federation
Prof. KUCHIEV, Michael University of Sydney   Sydney Australia
Prof. KUEHN, Wolfgang Univ. Giessen, II. Physikalisches Institut   Giessen Germany
KUPSC, Andrzej Uppsala University   Uppsala Sweden
Mrs. LAMIDI, bolanle Bosan Consultants Nigeria Limited Senior Scientist Lagos Nigeria
Dr. LANSBERG, Jean-Philippe IPNO - Paris Sud U. / CNRS-IN2P3   Orsay France
Prof. LEE, Jungil Korea University   Seoul Korea, Republic of
Prof. LEIBOVICH, Adam University of Pittsburgh   Pittsburgh United States
Mr. LEWIS, Peter SLAC   Menlo Park United States
LEWIS, Randy York University   Toronto Canada
Ms. LIANG, Shuangran IHEP   Beijing China
LI, Gang Qufu Normal University   Qufu China
Dr. LI, Gang IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. LI, HaiBo Institute of High Energy Physics   beijing China
Mr. LI, Jin-zhao Physics Department of Peking University   Beijing China
Prof. LIU, Chuan School of Physics, Peking University   Beijing China
LIU, Liuming Bonn University   Bonn Germany
Mr. LIU, Tianbo Peking University   Beijing China
Dr. LIU, Xiao-Hai Peking University   Beijing China
Mr. LIU, Zhan-Wei Institute of Theoretical Physics, Peking University   Beijing China
LIU, Zhaofeng Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS   Beijing China
Mr. LIU, Zhiqing IHEP   Beijing China
Ms. LI, Yijie BeiHang University   Beijing China
Dr. LI, Yiming Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Dr. LORCE, Cedric IPNO and LPT Orsay, Paris-Sud University   Orsay France
Prof. LOU, Xinchou IHEP/UT-Dallas   Beijing-Dallas China
Dr. MANCA, giulia universita degli studi di Cagliari and INFN   Cagliari Italy
Mr. MARTINEZ, Hector TU Munich   Munich Germany
Prof. MATHUR, Nilmani Mathur Tata Institute of Fundamental Research   Mumbai India
Dr. MA, Yan-Qing Brookhaven National Lab.   New York United States
Dr. MCNEILE, Craig University of Wuppertal   Wuppertal Germany
Dr. MEHEN, Thomas Duke University   Durham United States
Dr. MENG, Ce Peking University   Beijing China
MITCHELL, Ryan Indiana University   Bloomington, IN United States
Dr. MIZUK, Roman Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics   Moscow Russian Federation
Dr. MONAHAN, Chris College of William and Mary   Williamsburg United States
Prof. MO, Xiaohu Institute of High Energy Physics,CAS   Beijing China
Mr. MO, Yujun IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. MUSSA, Roberto INFN, Sezione di Torino Senior Researcher Torino Italy
Mr. NIECKNIG, Franz Helmholtz-Instituts für Strahlen- und Kernphysik   Bonn Germany
Dr. PAPADIMITRIOU, Vaia Fermilab Scientist, Associate Division Head of Accelerator Division Batavia United States
PATRIGNANI, Claudia Universita' and INFN Genova   Genova Italy
Dr. PAVON VALDERRAMA, Manuel Institut de Physique Nucleaire d'Orsay, Universite Paris-Sud, IN2P3/CNRS, F-91406 Orsay Cedex, France Postdoc Orsay France
Dr. PEIGNE, Stephane Subatech   Nantes France
Prof. PENIN, Alexander University of Alberta Professor Edmonton Canada
Prof. PETERS, Klaus GSI Darmstadt   64291 Darmstadt Germany
Mr. PILLONI, Alessandro Universita' La Sapienza di Roma   Roma Italy
Dr. PINEDA RUIZ, Antonio Miguel Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona   Barcelona Spain
Prof. QIAN, Sijin Peking University Professor Beijing China
Prof. QIAO, CONGFENG University of CAS   Beijing China
Prof. QIU, Jianwei Brookhaven National Lab   Upton, NY 11973 United States
Mr. ROBBE, Patrick LAL Orsay, IN2P3   Orsay France
RUSS, James Carnegie Mellon University Professor Pittsburgh United States
Mr. SANDILYA, Saurabh TIFR, INDIA Student Mumbai India
Dr. SANFILIPPO, Francesco LPT Orsay, Univ. Paris-Sud 11   Orsay France
Dr. SANG, Wen-Long Institute of High Energy Physics , Chinese Academy of Sciences   BeiJing China
Mr. SANG, shengjing pku   Beijing China
Prof. SETH, Kamal Northwestern university Professor of Physics and Astronomy Evanston, IL60208 United States
SHEN, Chengping Nagoya University, Japan   Nagoya Japan
Prof. SHEN, Xiaoyan IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. SHI, Meng Peking University   Beijing China
Mr. SHTABOVENKO, Vladyslav Technical University of Munich PhD student Munich Germany
Mr. SONG, weimin ihep   beijing China
Mr. SUN, Liping PKU   Beijing China
Mr. SUN, Peng LBNL   beijing China
Mr. SUN, Qing-Feng University of Science and Technology of China   Hefei China
Dr. SUN, Zhi-feng Lanzhou University student Lanzhou China
Mr. TAMPONI, Umberto University of Turin PhD Student Turin Italy
Prof. TANG, Zebo University of Science and Technology of China   Hefei, Anhui Province China
Dr. TARRUS, Jaume Technische Universität München   Munich Germany
Dr. THOMAS, Christopher Trinity College Dublin   Dublin Ireland
Prof. URBACH, Carsten HISKP, Uni Bonn   Bonn Germany
Dr. VAIRO, Antonio TUM   Munich Germany
Prof. WANG, Guo-Li Department of Physics, Harbin Institute of Technology   Harbin China
Prof. WANG, Jianxiong Theory Group, IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. WANG, Qian Forschungszentrum Juelich   Jülich Germany
Dr. WANG, Tianhong Harbin Institute of Technology (哈尔滨工业大学)   Harbin China
Dr. WANG, Wei HISKP, Universitaet Bonn   Bonn Germany
Dr. WANG, Xiaolong VirginiaTech   Virginia United States
Mr. WEI, Jiangbo School of Physics , Peking University   Beijing China
Mr. XIE , Wan-Peng Tsinghua University   BEIJING China
Mr. XIE, wanpeng Tsinghua University   BeiJing China
Mr. XU, Guangzhi beihang University   beijing China
Prof. YANG, Deshan University of Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beiijing China
Dr. YI, Kai University of Iowa   Batavia United States
Prof. YUAN, Changzheng IHEP, Beijing   Beijing China
Dr. YU, Chaehyun KIAS   Seoul Korea, Republic of
Dr. ZHANG, Hongfei Institute of High Energy Physics   Beijing China
ZHANG, Jingzhi IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. ZHANG, Linlin Peking University Ph.D. Beijing China
ZHANG, Ou University of Arizona   Tucson United States
Dr. ZHANG, Yu-Jie Beihang University   Beijing China
Dr. ZHANG, yanxi Tsinghua University   Beijing China China
Prof. ZHAO, Qiang Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
Dr. ZHAO, Xingbo Iowa State University   Ames, IA United States
Prof. ZHAO, Zhengguo Zhao USTC   Hefei China
Mr. ZHOU, Bin Peking University   Beijing China
Dr. ZHU, Kai IHEP   Beijing China