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16-21 May 2013
Asia/Shanghai timezone

List of registrants

Number of participants: 138

name downinstitution position country/region
Dr. ZHANG, Yu-Jie Beihang University   China
Dr. ZYKUNOV, Vladimir Belarussian State University of Transport Head of Physics Chair Belarus
Mr. SANGALINE, Evan BNL/UC Davis   United States
Dr. DELL'ASTA, Lidia Boston University   United States
Dr. LAURET, Jerome Brookhaven National Laboratory   United States
Dr. TEODORESCU, Liliana Brunel University   United Kingdom
Dr. LEE, Roman Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics   Russian Federation
Dr. LEGRAND, Iosif CALTECH / CERN   Switzerland
Mr. WEI, Hanyu Center for High Energy Physics, Tsinghua University   China
Mr. CARMINATI, Federico CERN   Switzerland
GHEATA, Andrei CERN   Switzerland
Ms. GRIGORAS, Alina CERN   Switzerland
Mr. IONITA, Costin CERN   Switzerland
Dr. NAIRZ, Armin CERN   Switzerland
NAUMANN, Axel CERN   Switzerland
Dr. RADEMAKERS, Fons CERN   Switzerland
Mr. FENG, Feng CHEP   China
Prof. WU, Xing-Gang China Democratic League   China
Mr. MERTENS, Alexandre CP3   Belgium
Mr. TRIENDL, Robert DataDirect Networks Vice-President, Japan Japan
Prof. MARCO, Maggiora Department of Physics - University of Turin and INFN, Turin Associate Professor Italy
Mrs. BANDIERAMONTE, Marilena Dept. of Physics and Astronomy - Univ. of Catania (Italy) and INAF Catania   Italy
Prof. BLUEMLEIN, Johannes DESY   Germany
Dr. RIEMANN, Tord DESY Staff Germany
Prof. XUE, Xun East China Normal University   China
Mr. HNATIO, Bartlomiej FLNR JINR   Russian Federation
Mr. KHANDRAMAI, Viacheslav Gomel State Technical University Ph.D. student Belarus
Mr. CONTE, Eric GRPHE   France
Dr. AL-TURANY, Mohammad GSI Darmstadt   Germany
Dr. KRESAN, Dmytro GSI, Darmstadt, Germany Post Doc Germany
Dr. KALMYKOV, Mikhail Hamburg Universitat   Germany
Dr. TARASOV, Oleg Hamburg University   Germany
Dr. LAMPÉN, Tapio Helsinki Institute of Physics   Finland
Dr. LIU, Ning henan Normal University   China
Mr. ZHANG, Yang Henan Normal University Student China
Dr. KANEKO, Toshiaki High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)   Japan
Dr. BRAGUTA, Victor IHEP senior researcher Russian Federation
Dr. CHEN, Gang IHEP   China
Ms. DENG, Ziyan ihep   China
Dr. GONG, Bin IHEP   China
Prof. LI, Weidong IHEP   China
Mr. LI, xihuai ihep   China
Mr. LIN, Tao IHEP   China
Ms. WAN, Lu-Ping ihep   China
Mr. ZHANG, gang IHEP   China
Mr. ZHAO, Qingwang IHEP   China
Ms. WU, wenjing ihep cc   China
Dr. COLLING, David Imperial College and GridPP   United Kingdom
Dr. PERRET-GALLIX, Denis IN2P3/CNRS   France
Ms. TOSORATTO, Laura INFN   Italy
Dr. VICINI, Piero INFN - Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics   Italy
Mr. KIRPICHNIKOV, Dmitry INR RAS, MSU staff Russian Federation
Mr. SUN, Shuhuan Institue of High Energy Physics Student China
Prof. VILOTTE, Jean-Pierre Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (CNRS - UMR7154)   France
KATAEV, Andrei Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences Seniour Scientific Reseracher Russian Federation
Prof. TKACHOV, Fyodor Institute for Nuclear Research RAS Leading researcher Russian Federation
LIU, Yingbiao Institute of High Energy Physics   China
Dr. LIU, Beijiang Institute of High Energy Physics   China
Dr. ZHANG, Hongfei Institute of High Energy Physics   China
Mr. FANG, xiao Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences   China
LIU, Zhaofeng Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS   China
Mr. SUN, Hailiang Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS   China
Mr. YI, Zili Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.   China
Mr. FENG, Yu Institute of High Energy Physics,CAS   China
LOKAJICEK, Milos Institute of Physics AS CR   Czech Republic
Mr. HORKY, Jiri Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic   Czech Republic
Dr. MATOUŠEK, Vladislav Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences Senior Scientist Slovakia
Mr. WU, Peiwen Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences   China
LIU, Fuming IOPP, CCNU   China
Mr. ALLOUL, Adam IPHC Strasbourg Ph.D student France
Dr. KOSOWER, David IPhT, CEA-Saclay   France
Dr. FEDOROVA, Antonina IPME RAS, Russian Academy of Sciences Senior Researcher Russian Federation
Dr. ZEITLIN, Michael IPME RAS, Russian Academy of Sciences   Russian Federation
MAITRE, Daniel IPPP Durham   United Kingdom
Dr. BAGNASCO, Stefano Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare   Italy
Dr. WU, Lei itp,cas   China
Dr. SUN, Hao Ji Nan University   China
Dr. BEDNYAKOV, Alexander JINR   Russian Federation
Mr. MARTIN, Vala JINR   Russian Federation
Dr. SADYKOV, Renat JINR   Russian Federation
Dr. VLADIMIR, Bytev JINR   Russian Federation
Dr. ARBUZOV, Andrej JINR, Dubna, Russia vice director of Bogoliubov Lab of Theoretical Physics Russian Federation
Dr. UEDA, Takahiro Karlsruhe Institute of Technology postdoc Germany
Dr. CHETYRKIN, Konstantin Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)   Germany
Dr. KANZAKI, Junichi KEK   Japan
Prof. SHIMIZU, Yoshimitsu KEK   Japan
Dr. UEDA, Satoru KEK   Japan
Dr. WATANABE, Norihisa KEK   Japan
Dr. YUASA, Fukuko KEK   Japan
Prof. OYANAGI, Yoshio Kobe University Professor Japan
Mr. BENBOUZID, Djalel LAL, Univ Paris-Sud, CNRS   France
Dr. WERLEN, Monique LAPTH   France
HEINRICH, Gudrun Max Planck Institute for Physics   Germany
Mr. BALEWSKI, Jan MIT   United States
Mr. NEHRA, Jagdish Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur Research Scholar India
HAHN, Thomas MPI for Physics   Germany
OSSOLA, Giovanni New York City College of Technology - CUNY   United States
Dr. KRASZNAHORKAY, Attila New York University Research Scientist France
BADGER, Simon Niels Bohr Institute   Denmark
Dr. YUNDIN, Valery Niels Bohr Institute   Denmark
Ms. LI, Ting Northwestern University PhD candidate United States
SLAUNWHITE, Jason Notre Dame   Switzerland
Dr. SUMBERA, Michal Nuclear Physics Institute ASCR, Czech Republic senior scientist Czech Republic
Mr. MAKATUN, Dzmitry Nuclear Physics Institute of Academy of Science of Czech Republic PhD student Czech Republic
Prof. LUMINET, Jean-Pierre Observatoire de Paris - CNRS   France
Prof. PINSKY, Lawrence Physics Department, University of Houston Professor of Physics United States
Dr. ELMER, Peter Princeton University   Switzerland
Dr. SCHNEIDER, Carsten RISC, J. Kepler University, Linz   Austria
Mr. RIEGER, Marcel RWTH Aachen, III. Physikalisches Institut A   Germany
Mr. KOSYKH, Nikolay Saint-Petersburg state university   Russian Federation
Prof. WANG, Meng Shandong University   China
Dr. ZHOU, Yajin Shandong University   China
Dr. KAMA, Sami Southern Methodist University   Switzerland
Dr. KOMPANIETS, Mikhail St-Petersburg State University, Russia   Russian Federation
Prof. CHANG (ZHANG), Chao-Hsi (Zhao-Xi) The Institution of Theorectical Physics, CAS   China
Mr. GALSTER, Gorm The Niels Bohr Institute   Denmark
Prof. WANG, Jianxiong Theory Group, IHEP   China
Dr. WANG, Zhe Tsinghua University   China
Dr. SELVAGGI, Michele UCL PostDoc Belgium
Mr. RITSCH, Elmar University Innsbruck/Austria, CERN   Switzerland
ROUKOUTAKIS, Filimon University of Athens   Greece
Prof. FLEISCHER, Jochem University of Bielefeld, Germany   Germany
Dr. KÖVESÁRKI, Peter University of Bonn   Germany
Mrs. LUZZI, Cinzia University of Ferrara - CERN   France
Prof. KISEL, Ivan University of Frankfurt, FIAS   Germany
Prof. BRITTON, David University of Glasgow   United Kingdom
Mr. HOANG, Son University of Houston   United States
Prof. RANIWALA, Sudhir University of Rajasthan   India
Mr. GUO, Lei University of Science and Technology of China   China
LI, Xiaozhou University of Science and Technology of China   China
Prof. MA, Wen-Gan University of Science of Technology of China(USTC)   China
Dr. LENEY, Katharine University of the Witwatersrand   South Africa
Prof. LIUTI, Simonetta University of Virginia   United States
MAIERHOEFER, Philipp University of Zurich   Switzerland
Mr. ZHANG, Ren-You USTC   China
Prof. DE DONCKER, Elise Western Michigan University   United States