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November 20, 2015
Asia/Shanghai timezone

The discovery of Higgs boson by the LHC collaborations makes the standard model complete and heralds a new era of particle physics. Where is the physics beyond the standard model (BSM) will be the central focus of the future LHC runs and the future collider projects, like ILC and CEPC/SPPC. To explore and to discover the smoking gun signatures of the physics of BSM, necessary and convenient Monte Carlo tools are necessary and indispensible for either phenomenologists or experimentalists.

Monte Carlo tool development is an important theoretical work. Madgraph is a user-friendly Monte Carlo Tool for hadron colliders and future colliders on the MC market. It is boasted of a convenience to explore various physics beyond the standard model and it is popular for both experimental and theoretical study at the LHC and future colliders. Since 2008, Madgraph has been marching to offer a systematic one-loop level precision MC event generation for BSM.

To promote the communication between the core members of Monte Carlo tool development and the key figures of CEPC physics and detector working group, we therefore organize a one-day mini-workshop at room 319 of the CFHEP/CAS. No registration fee is needed, interested people are welcome to join.

Organizing Committee: 

Bin Gong (IHEP)

Gang Li (IHEP)

Qiang Li (PKU)

Zhao Li (IHEP)

Cai-Dian Lu (IHEP)

Manqi Ruan (IHEP)

Jian-Xiong Wang (IHEP)
Qi-Shu Yan (UCAS)

Sponsored by
Center for Future High Energy PhysicsIHEP,

Theory Division, IHEP,
CAS Center for Excellence in Particle Physics

Library building, IHEP, CAS