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Participant List

112 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Abhik Jash Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
Andrey Elagin University of Chicago
André Rubbia ETH Zurich
Antonio Palazzo University of Bari and INFN
Carla Maria Cattadori INFN-MiB
Carmen Palomares CIEMAT
Chang Kee Jung Stony Brook University
Changgen 杨长根 高能所
chengcai ZHANG 高能所
Christian Grewing Forschungszentrum Juelich: Central Institute of Engineering, Electronics and Analytics
Cong Guo 高能所
Dominique Duchesneau LAPP, CNRS/IN2P3
Feng Gao IHEP
Grzegorz Zuzel Jagiellonian University
guang meng infn
Guo-yuan Huang Institute of High Energy Physics
Haiqiong Zhang IHEP
Haruo Ikeda Tohoku University
Hidekazu TANAKA ICRR, University of Tokyo
hirohisa tanaka University of Toronto
Hongbang Liu GXU
Huan Zhong Huang Fudan University/UCLA
Huiling Li Shandong University
Hyunkwan Seo Seoul National University
James imber LLR - Ecole Polytechnique
Jianming Bian UC Irvine
Jie ZHAO Jie 高能所
Jingyu Tang IHEP, CAS
Jingyu Zhu The Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jonathan Asaadi University of Texas Arlington
Juan-Pablo Yanez University of Alberta
Jun Cao IHEP
Jun-Hao Liu IHEP
Ken Long Imperial College London
Kimihiro Okumura ICRR, Univ. of Tokyo
Liang ZHAN 高能所
Liangjian Wen Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Logan Lebanowski Tsinghua University
Lu LU Haoqi 高能所
Marcin Ziembicki Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Radioelectronics and Multimedia Technology
Mary Bishai Brookhaven National Laboratory
Masato SHIOZAWA The University of Tokyo
Matthew Wetstein Iowa State University
Matthew Worcester Brookhaven National Lab
Mei 叶梅 IHEP
meihang xumh@ihep.ac.cn IHEP
Meng Wang Shandong University
Mengjiao Xiao University of Maryland, College Park
Miao He IHEP
Michael Mooney Brookhaven National Laboratory
Michael Wurm Mainz University
Minfang Yeh Brookhaven National Laboratory
ming QI nanjing university
Mingshui CHEN Mingshui IHEP
na Zhu 高能所
Nan Li 高能所
Nayana Majumdar Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
Nikos Vassilopoulos IHEP, CAS
Pablo Fernandez UAM
Robert Svoboda University of California Davis
Ronald Bruijn Nikhef
Ruiguang Wang IHEP
Ryan Patterson California Institute of Technology
Salvatore Viola INFN-LNS
Sandro Centro Università di Padova
Sebastien Murphy ETH Zurich
Shanshan Gao BNL
Shigetaka Moriyama ICRR, The University of Tokyo
Shirley Li The Ohio State University
Shoei Nakayama Kamioka Observatory, ICRR, University of Tokyo
Shun Zhou 高能所
Shunichi Mine University of California, Irvine
Shuoxing Wu ETH Zurich
Soleti Stefano Roberto University of Oxford
Thomas Lindner TRIUMF
Tom Feusels University of British Columbia
Walter Winter DESY
Wan-Lei Guo Institute of High Energy Physics
wei Lianghong ihep
Wei Tian Sun Yat-sen University
Wei Wang Sun Yat-Sen University
weixing xiong 高能所
Wenhuan Wu IHEP
Wenjie Wu 高能所
Xiaoyue Li Stony Brook University
Xilei SUN Xilei IHEP
Xuantong ZHANG Xuantong Experimental Physics Division, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
yan ZHANG 高能所
Yaping Cheng 高能所
Yasuhiro NISHIMURA ICRR, The University of Tokyo
Yee Bob Hsiung National Taiwan University
Yibing Zhang Sun Yat-Sen University
Yinghua JIA Yinghua 高能所
Yongbo Huang IHEP
Yoshinari Hayato The University of Tokyo
Yufeng Li IHEP
Yury Kudenko Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS
Zeyuan Yu IHEP
Zhe Ning IHEP
Zhe Wang Tsinghua University
Zhonghua Zhonghua Qin 高能所
Ziyan Deng 高能所
宇广 高能所
少敏 Tsinghua University
永鹏 高能所