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Sep 1 – 5, 2017
China National Convention Center
Asia/Shanghai timezone


International Advisory Committee


  • Torsten Akesson, Univ. Lund, Sweden

  • Ursula Bassler, CNRS IN2P3, France

  • Reinhard Beck, Univ Bonn, Germany

  • Sergio Bertolucci, CERN, Switzerland

  • Martine Bosman, IFAE Barcelona, Spain

  • Philippe Chomaz, CEA, France

  • Jean Cleymans, Univ of Cape Town, South Africa

  • Umberto Dosselli, Frascati, Italy

  • Paula Eerola, Univ of Helsinki, Finland

  • Fabiola Gianotti , CERN, Switzerland

  • Xiangdong Ji, SJTU, China

  • Ralf Bernd Kaiser, IAEA, Austria

  • Matthias Kasemann, DESY, Germany

  • Soo-Bong Kim, SNU, Korea

  • Young-Kee Kim, Univ of Chicago, USA

  • Reiner Krücken, TRIUMF and UBC Vancouver, Canada

  • David MacFarlane, SLAC, USA

  • Victor Matveev, JINR Dubna, Russia

  • Giora Mikenberg, Weizmann, Israel

  • Richard Milner, MIT, U.S.A

  • Joachim Mnich, DESY, Germany

  • Hugh E. Montgomery, JLAB, USA

  • Stephan Paul, TU Munich, Germany

  • Klaus Peters, GSI, Germany

  • Jianwei Qiu, JLAB, USA

  • Robert S Tschirhart, FNAL, USA

  • Yifang Wang, IHEP, China (Chair)

  • Nu Xu, CCNU, China

  • Masanori Yamauchi, KEK, Japan

  • Bingsong Zou, ITP, China

Local Organising Committee 


  • Yifang Wang, IHEP, China


  • Jun Cao, IHEP, China

  • Zhen Cao, IHEP, China

  • Lijun Guo, IHEP, China

  • Haibo Li, IHEP, China

  • Xinchou Lou, IHEP, China

  • Qian Pan, IHEP, China

  • Qing Qin, IHEP, China

  • Xiaoyan Shen, IHEP, China

  • Shuopin Wen,IHEP.China

  • Tianhong Xing,IHEP.China

  • Zhizhong Xing,IHEP.China

  • Changzheng Yuan, IHEP, China

  • Xinmin Zhang, IHEP, China

  • Qiang Zhao, IHEP, China

  • Yangheng Zheng, UCAS, China