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1-5 September 2017
China National Convention Center
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 224

name institution position city downcountry/region
Prof. HICHEUR, Adlene UFRJ - Rio and U. of Setif   Setif Algeria
Mr. STANKOVIC, Mile University of "Hard Knocks" retiree Darwin Australia
Mr. KAISER, Ralf IAEA Section Head Vienna Austria
Dr. MARTON, Johann Stefan Meyer Institute Deputy Director Wien Austria
Prof. WIDMANN, Eberhard Stefan Meyer Institute   Vienna Austria
Dr. FARINA BUSTO, Luis European Research Council Executive Agency Research Programme Officer Brussels Belgium
Mr. HASINOFF, Michael University of British Columbia Professor Vancouver Canada
Dr. OLIN, Arthur TRIUMF/UVic research scientist emeritus Vancouver Canada
OCHOA RICOUX, Juan Pedro Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile   Santiago Chile
Mr. TAPIA ARAYA, Sebastian Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria   Valparaiso Chile
Mr. ANWAR, M. Naeem ITP-CAS PhD Student Beijing China
Mr. CAO, Jun IHEP,CAS   Beijing China
CHEN, Ye IHEP   Beijing China
CHEN, Liangwen IMP   Lanzhou China
Dr. CHEN, Hua-Xing Beihang University   Beijing China
Prof. DONG , Yubing Institute of High Energy Physics Prof. Beijing China
FANG, Shuangshi IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. GUIMARAES DA COSTA, Joao IHEP, Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
GUO, Feng-Kun ITP, CAS   Beijing China
Mr. HAN, Liang USTC   Hefei China
Prof. HE, Jun Nanjing Normal University   nanjing China
Ms. HOU, Yingrui University of Chinese Academy of Science   Beijing China
Mr. HU, Shuyang Shanghai Jiao Tong University   Shanghai China
Dr. HUANG, Fei University of Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
Prof. HUANG, Xingtao Shandong University   Jinan China
Mr. JI, Xiangdong Shanghai Jiao Tong University/University of Maryland Professor Shanghai China
Mr. JIAN-HUA, Gao Shandong University   Weihai China
Dr. JIAO, Jianbin Shandong University   Jinan China
LAVEZZI, Lia IHEP-INFN Torino   Beijing China
LI, Yiming IHEP   Beijing China
LI, Zhenjie IHEP,CAS   Beijing China
Prof. LI, Hai-Bo IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. LI, Longke IHEP   Beijing China
LI, Lei Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology   Beijing China
LI, Gang Experimental Physics Division, Institute of High Energy Physics   beijing China
Mr. LI, Qiang School of physics, Peking University   Beijing China
LI , Xiaozhou USTC   Hefei China
Mr. LIANG, Zhijun IHEP   Beijing China
LIANG, Hao Institute of High Energy Physics   Beijing China
Dr. LIU, Beijiang 高能所   Beijing China
Ms. LIU, Zhen University of Science and Technology of China   Hefei, Anhui China
Mr. LIU, Yang Institute of High Enegy Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences   BeiJing China
Mr. LLORENTE MERINO, Javier IHEP (CAS)   Beijing China
Mr. LONG, Yunfei Peking University   Beijing China
Mr. LOU, Xinchou IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. LUO, TAO Fudan University   Shanghai China
Prof. MA, Hao Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Ms. MENG, Zhaoxia University of Jinan   Jinan China
Prof. MO, Xiaohu Institute of high energy physics   Beijing China
Ms. NICHOLSON, Caitriana IHEP - Chinese Physics C   Beijing China
Mr. OWUSU, Samuel USTC PhD Student Hefei China
PANG, Chengqun Qinghai Normal University   Xining China
Mr. PATHAK, AMIT Institute of Theoretical Physics PhD student Beijing China
Mr. PING, Rong-Gang Institute of High Energy Physics of Chinese Academy of Science   Beijing China
Dr. QI, Huirong Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS   Beijing China
Ms. QIAN, PAN 高能所   beijing China
Mr. QIN, Qing Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
RAN, Kunlin Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
Prof. SHEN, Chengping Beihang University   Beijing China
Prof. SHEN, Pengnian Institute of High Energy Physics Prof. Beijing China
Prof. SHEN, Xiaoyan IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. SUN, Bao-Xi Beijing University of Technology   Beijing China
SUN, Jiayin Tsinghua   Beijing China
Mr. WANG, Xiongfei IHEP   Beijing China
WANG, Xiaolong IMP, Fudan University Associate Prof. Shanghai China
Dr. WANG, Yaping Institute of paticle physics, Central China Normal University Associate Professor Wuhan China
Dr. WANG, Shuai School of physics, Shandong University   Jinan China
Prof. WANG, Yifang IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. WANG, Yi Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Prof. WANG, fan Nanjing Univ.   Nanjing China
Mr. WANG, Dayong Peking University   Beijing China
Mr. WANG, Yaoguang institute of high energy physics   Beijing China
Prof. WANG , Liwei Zhaoyuan County Teachers Training School   Zhaoyuan China
Ms. WEN, Shuopin IHEP   beijing China
Mr. WU, Zhi IHEP,CAS   Beijing China
Prof. XING, Zhi-zhong IHEP   Beijing China
XING TIANHONG, Tianhong IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. XU, Ao Tsinghua University, Beijing, China   Beijing China
Mr. YAN, Maojun ITP   Beijing China
Dr. YANG, CHI Shandong University   Jinan China
Dr. YANJUN, Sun Northwest Normal University   Lanzhou China
YIN, Junhao 高能所   Beijing China
Dr. YU, Zeyuan 中国科学院高能物理研究所   Beijing China
Mr. YU, Gong-Ming Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Post-doctoral Lanzhou China
Mr. YUAN, Ye IHEP   Beijing China
Ms. ZHANG, Zhenyu Wuhan University   Wuhan China
Prof. ZHANG, Zongye Institute of High Energy Physics Prof. Beijing China
Ms. ZHANG, Shenghui USTC Ph.D candidate Hefei China
Mr. ZHANG, Shoushan Institute of High Energy Physics   Beijing China
Mr. ZHANG, XINMIN IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. ZHANG, Yu University of Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
Mr. ZHANG, Fengwangdong Peking University   Beijing China
Dr. ZHENG, Liang Central China Normal University   Wuhan China
Mr. ZHOU, Shun IHEP, CAS   Beijing China
Mr. ZHOU, Xiang Wuhan University   Wuhan China
ZHOU, Maosen 高能所   Beijing China
Mr. ZHOU, Chensheng Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics   Shanghai China
Mr. ZHUANG, pengfei tsinghua university professor beijing China
Prof. ZOU, Bing-Song ITP, CAS   Beijing China
尹, 航 华中师范大学   武汉 China
查, 王妹 中国科学技术大学近代物理系   Hefei China
Mr. 蔡, 汉杰 中国科学院近物所   兰州 China
Ms. 陈, 婧 University of Science and Technology of China   Heifei China
SHEVCHENKO, Nina Nuclear Physics Institue, Rez Scientific researcher Rez Czech Republic
Dr. ZHOU, You Niels Bohr Institute   Copenhagen Denmark
Dr. BARSUK, Sergey LAL   Orsay France
Mr. CHOMAZ, Philippe CEA Executive Scientific Director GIF SUR YVETTE CEDEX France
HELAINE, Victor Laboratoire de Physique Saubatomique et Cosmologie, CNRS/IN2P3   Grenoble France
CRISTINZIANI, Markus Univeristät Bonn   Bonn Germany
Prof. GALATYUK, Tetyana TU Darmstadt   Darmstadt Germany
Prof. HANHART, Christoph IKP/IAS Forschungszentrum Juelich Senior Scientist Juelich Germany
Mr. HECK, Martin KIT   Karlsruhe Germany
Mr. JOACHIM, Stroth Goethe University / GSI   Planckstraße 1 Germany
Mrs. LANG, Valerie DESY   Hamburg Germany
Mr. MÜHLHEIM, Daniel Institut für Kernphysik, WWU Münster   48149 Münster Germany
Mr. PAUL, Stephan Technical University Munich Prof. Garching Germany
Mrs. STACHEL, Johanna Universitaet Heidelberg   Heidelberg Germany
Mr. WANG, Zeren Simon University of Bonn PhD Student Bonn Germany
Mr. WIESINGER, Christoph Technical University of Munich PhD student Garching Germany
Mr. LI, Tjonnie The Chinese University of Hong Kong Assistant Professor Hong Kong Hong Kong
PROKOFIEV, Kirill Hing Kong University of Science and Technology   Hong Kong Hong Kong
Dr. BALA, Renu University of Jammu Researcher Jammu India
CHOUDHURY, Somnath Indian Institute of Science   Bangalore India
Mr. KUNDU, Sourav National Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhubaneswar, INDIA Ph.D Student Bhubaneswar India
Prof. VERMA, Murli University of Lucknow Professor Lucknow India
Dr. GHALENOVI, Zahra Kosar Univrsity of Bojnord   Bojnord Iran, Islamic Republic of
Mr. TAVAKOLINEZHAD, Asadolah Education Department of Bojnord   Bojnord Iran, Islamic Republic of
Mr. SOFFER, Abner Tel Aviv University Professor Tel Aviv Israel
Mr. ANDREAZZA, Attilio Università di Milano and INFN   Milano Italy
BIANCHI, Fabrizio INFN and University of Turin   Torino Italy
Dr. BONOMI, Germano University of Brescia and INFN Pavia   Brescia Italy
CANONICA, Lucia MIT - INFN LNGS   Assergi, AQ Italy
COLELLA, Domenico INFN Post Doc Bari Italy
Ms. COLLICA, Laura INFN Milano Post-Doc Milano Italy
Mr. CORVINO, Michele Università e INFN Napoli PhD Student Naples Italy
Ms. DEPALO, Rosanna Università degli Studi di Padova and INFN Padova   Padova Italy
DESTEFANIS, Marco Università degli Studi di Torino and INFN   Torino Italy
FRAGIACOMO, Enrico INFN   Trieste Italy
Ms. LUPATO, Anna University of Padova & INFN   Padova Italy
Mr. MAGGIORA, Marco INFN-TO Associate Professor Turin Italy
Mr. MERIDIANI, Paolo INFN Researcher Rome Italy
Mr. MEZZADRI , Giulio INFN Ferrara - University of Ferrara PhD student Ferrara Italy
Mr. MUSSA, Roberto INFN Torino Staff Physicist Torino Italy
Mr. PIPERNO, Gabriele INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati   Rome Italy
Mr. TASSI, Enrico Universita' della Calabria & INFN   Cosenza Italy
Mr. VENTURA, Andrea Università del Salento & INFN Lecce Researcher Lecce Italy
Ms. GUAN, Yinghui Indiana University & KEK   Tsukuba Japan
Prof. KUZE, Masahiro Tokyo Institute of Technology   Tokyo Japan
Mr. MICHIZONO, Shin KEK Professor Tsukuba Japan
NAKAO, Mikihiko KEK IPNS   Tsukuba Japan
Mr. NIIYAMA, Masayuki Kyoto University   Kyoto Japan
Mr. NISHIMURA, Shoichiro the University of Tokyo   Tokyo Japan
Mr. SASAKI, Junya University of Tokyo Student Tokyo Japan
Mr. SHIRAI, Junpei Research Center for Neutrino Science, Tohoku University Professor Sendai Japan
Mr. SUGITATE, Toru Hiroshima University Professor of physics Higashi-Hiroshima Japan
Mr. TAKEMOTO, Yasuhiro Osaka University Assistant Professor Toyama Japan
Mr. TAMURA, Hirokazu Tohoku University Professor Sendai Japan
Mr. MYRZAKULOV, Nurgissa Eurasian National University Researher Astana Kazakhstan
Mr. MYRZAKULOV, Yerlan Eurasian National University Researcher Astana Kazakhstan
Dr. NATORI, Hiroaki IBS Research Fellow Daejeon Korea, Republic of
Mr. SHRESTHA, Gyan Tribhuvan University Associate Prof. Lalitpur Nepal
Mr. JAELANI, Syaefudin Utrecht University PhD student Utrecht Netherlands
FARIDI, M. Ayub Centre for High Energy Physics Assistant Professor Lahore Pakistan
Mr. MUKHTAR, ameer PINSTECH, Islamabad Internee Chakwal Pakistan
Mr. NAWAZ, Ali Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan MS Research Student Mardan Pakistan
Mr. KRZEMIEN, Wojciech National Centre for Nuclear Research   Warsaw Poland
Dr. SKIBINSKI, Roman Jagiellonian University   Krakow Poland
Mr. WITALA, Henryk Jagiellonian University   Krakow Poland
Prof. LOPES, Isabel LIP, University of Coimbra Professor Coimbra Portugal
Dr. SANTOS, Helena LIP - Laboratorio de Instrumentacao e Fisica Experimental de Particulas   Lisbon Portugal
Dr. ALEKSEEV, Igor ITEP   Moscow Russian Federation
BICIAN, Lubos Comenius University in Bratislava   Bratislava Slovakia
Mr. NOVELLA GARIJO, Pau IFIC   Valencia Spain
Prof. VALCARCE, Alfredo University of Salamanca   Salamanca Spain
Mr. VIJANDE, Javier University of Valencia   Burjassot Spain
Mr. HEDBERG, Vincent University of Lund   Lund Sweden
Mr. BACKES, Moritz University of Oxford   Geneva Switzerland
Mr. BORDRY, Frederick CERN Director for Accelerators and Technology Geneva Switzerland
Mr. BRUSCINO, Nello University of Pittsburgh Postdoctoral researcher Geneva Switzerland
Mrs. CORTES GONZALEZ, Arely CERN   Meyrin Switzerland
Mr. DELL'ACQUA, Andrea CERN   Geneva Switzerland
Mr. LUO, Wuming The Ohio State University/CERN   Geneva Switzerland
Mr. MARZIN, Antoine CERN   Geneva Switzerland
MELONI, Federico Universitaet Bern   Bern Switzerland
Ms. MORENO LLACER, Maria CERN Postdoctoral researcher Geneva Switzerland
Ms. JAIN, Shilpi National Central University   Taoyuan Taiwan
Mr. KAMISCIOGLU, MUSTAFA Middle East Technical University PhD student Ankara Turkey
Dr. BASHKANOV, Mikhail University of Edinburgh Research Fellow Edinburgh United Kingdom
EKLUND, Lars University of Glasgow   Glasgow United Kingdom
Mr. GREGERSEN, Kristian Damlund University College London   London United Kingdom
LENEY, Katharine University College London   London United Kingdom
Mr. LU, Xianguo University of Oxford   Oxford United Kingdom
Dr. MASTROLORENZO, Luca Imperial College London Research Associate London United Kingdom
PETYT, David STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory   Didcot United Kingdom
THOMAS, Christopher University of Cambridge   Cambridge United Kingdom
ATMACAN, Hulya University of South Carolina   Columbia United States
Mr. AUSTREGESILO, Alexander Jefferson Lab   Newport News United States
Mr. BENNETT, Jake Carnegie Mellon University   Pittsburgh United States
Mr. BOWDEN, Nathaniel Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory   Livermore United States
Mr. CARLINI, Roger Jefferson Lab Staff Scientist Newport News, VA United States
Mr. DAI, Tiesheng University Michigan Research Engineer Ann Arbor United States
Dr. GAO, Fei Columbia University Postdoc New York United States
Mr. GENG, Cong University of Michigan   Ann Arbor United States
Mr. GIBSON, Adam Valparaiso University   Valparaiso United States
GILLISS, Thomas University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill   Chapel Hill United States
Mr. HE, Xiaochun Georgia State University   Atlanta United States
KRIZKA, Karol Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Postdoctoral Fellow Berkeley United States
QIAN, Hao Princeton University Graduate Student Princeton United States
Mr. RAMSEY-MUSOLF, Michael ACFI, Department of Physics, University of Massachusetts Amherst Professor & Director Amherst, MA United States
Ms. SCHAARSCHMIDT, Jana University of Washington   Seattle United States
Mr. SHARMA, Varun Florida State University Post doc Tallahassee, Florida United States
SMITH, Erica Indiana University   Bloomington United States
Mr. WEISENBERGER, Andrew Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility   Newport News United States
Prof. WILLIAMS, Dawn University of Alabama   Tuscaloosa United States
XIANG, Xin Princeton University Graduate Student Princteon United States
Mrs. YAN, Qi MIT   Cambridge United States
Mr. YANG, Shuai Brookhaven National Laboratory   Upton United States
YU, Haiwang New Mexico State University   Ridge United States
ZHAO, Jie Purdue Unversity   West Lafayette United States