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Sep 1 – 5, 2017
China National Convention Center
Asia/Shanghai timezone



Sep 1, 2017, 8:45 AM
The Auditorium (Plenary Session) (China National Convention Center)

The Auditorium (Plenary Session)

China National Convention Center

No.7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100105 China

Presentation materials

There are no materials yet.
Prof. Yifang WANG Yifang (IHEP)
9/1/17, 8:45 AM
Mikihiko Nakao (KEK)
9/1/17, 9:15 AM
Dr Lars Eklund (University of Glasgow)
9/1/17, 9:45 AM
9/1/17, 10:15 AM
Juan Pedro Ochoa Ricoux (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
9/1/17, 11:00 AM
Prof. Takashi Kobayashi (KEK)
9/1/17, 11:30 AM
Prof. Junpei Shirai (Tohoku U.)
9/1/17, 12:00 PM
Fengwangdong Zhang (Peking University)
9/2/17, 8:45 AM
Kirill PROKOFIEV (Hong Kong HKUST)
9/2/17, 9:15 AM
Prof. Liantao Wang (University of Chicago)
9/2/17, 10:45 AM
Dr Andrea Ventura (Università del Salento & INFN Lecce (Italy))
9/2/17, 11:15 AM
Dr Varun Sharma (Florida State Univ.)
9/2/17, 11:45 AM
Prof. Pengfei Zhuang (THU)
9/3/17, 8:45 AM
Prof. Johanna Stachel (Univ. of Heidelberg)
9/3/17, 9:15 AM
Prof. Hirokazu Tamura (Department of Physics, Tohoku University)
9/3/17, 9:45 AM
成平 沈 (北航)
9/3/17, 10:45 AM
Dr Christoph Hanhart (IAS, Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany)
9/3/17, 11:15 AM
Dr Christopher Thomas (Cambridge U., DAMTP)
9/3/17, 11:45 AM
Prof. Michael Ramsey-Musolf (Univ. of Mass.)
9/4/17, 8:45 AM
Dr Frédérick BORDRY (CERN)
9/4/17, 9:15 AM
Dr Qing Qin (高能所)
9/4/17, 9:45 AM
Dr Shinichiro Michizono (KEK)
9/4/17, 10:45 AM
Prof. Attilio Andreazza (Università degli Studi di Milano and INFN)
9/4/17, 11:15 AM
Prof. Drew Weisenberger (Jefferson Lab)
9/4/17, 11:45 AM
9/5/17, 9:45 AM
Xiaoyan Shen (IHEP)
9/5/17, 11:45 AM
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