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8-9 February 2018
IHEP, Beijing
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 69

downname institution position city country/region
CONTU, Andrea INFN   Cagliari Italy
DAVIS, Adam Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Prof. DONG LIAOYUAN, Dong 高能所   Beijing China
Mr. EVANS, Tim University of Oxford   Oxford United Kingdom
Prof. GAO, Yuanning Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Dr. GERSABECK, Evelina University of Manchester Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow Manchester United Kingdom
Prof. GRADL, Wolfgang Institute of Nuclear Physics, Johannes-Gutenberg University   Mainz Germany
Dr. HAO, Xiqing HNNU   Xinxiang China
HUANG, Guangshun University of Science and Technology of China   Hefei China
Prof. HUANG, Xingtao Shandong University   Jinan China
Prof. JI, Xiaobin IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. KE, Bai-Cian IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. KENZIE, Matthew University of Cambridge   Cambridge United Kingdom
KIUCHI, Ryuta IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. KUEHN, Wolfgang JLU Giessen   Giessen Germany
Prof. LI, Hai-Bo IHEP   Beijing China
LI, Lei Beijing Institute of Petro-chemical Technology   Beijing China
Dr. LIU, Beijiang 高能所   Beijing China
Prof. LOU, Xinchou 高能所   Beijing China
LUO, Tao Fudan University   Shanghai China
Prof. LYU, Xiao-Rui University of Chinese Academy of Sciences   beijing China
Dr. MA, Hailong IHEP   Beijing China
MEZZADRI, Giulio INFN-Ferrara   Ferrara Italy
MITCHELL, Ryan Indiana University   Bloomington, IN United States
Dr. MURAMATSU, Hajime University of Minnesota   Minneapolis United States
PARKES, Chris University of Manchester   Manchester United Kingdom
Dr. PASSALEVA, Giovanni INFN-Firenze   Florence Italy
PENG, haiping USTC   HEFEI China
Dr. PINGRG, Ping 高能所   Beijing China
POLUEKTOV, Anton University of Warwick   Coventry United Kingdom
Dr. PRASAD, Vindhyawasini University of Science and Technology of China   Hefei China
Dr. QIAN, WENBIN University of Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
Dr. RADEMACKER, Jonas University of Bristol   Bristol United Kingdom
SAUR, Miroslav University of Chinese Academy of Sciences PhD student Beijing China
SCHUNE , Marie-Helene LAL / CERN   Geneva France
SHEN, Xiaoyan IHEP   Beijing China
SHI, Xin IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. SILVA COUTINHO, Rafael University of Zurich   Zurich Switzerland
SPRADLIN, Patrick University of Glasgow   Glasgow United Kingdom
SUN, Liang Wuhan University   Wuhan China
VAGNONI, Vincenzo Maria INFN   Bologna Italy
Dr. VOROBYEV, Vitaly BINP   Novosibirsk Russian Federation
WANG, Bin IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. WANG, Dayong Peking University   Beijing China
Dr. WANG, Xiongfei IHEP   Beijing China
WILKINSON, Guy University of Oxford   Oxford United Kingdom
Dr. WORMSER, Guy LAL   Orsay France
Mr. XIAO DONG, 肖栋 CCNU   Wuhan China
Prof. XIE, Yuehong Central China Normal University   Wuhan China
XU, Fanrong Jinan University   Guangzhou China
XU, Li Tsinghua University   Beijing China
XU, Zehua Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Dr. YANG, Zhenwei Tsinghua University, Beijing, China   Beijing China
YIN, Hang CCNU   Wuhan China
Prof. YUAN, Changzheng IHEP, Beijing   Beijing China
Dr. YUAN, Ye 高能所   Beijng China
ZHANG, Dongliang Central China Normal University   Wuhan China
Mr. ZHANG, Guangyi Henan Normal University   Xinxiang China
Dr. ZHANG, LEI Tsinghua Univerisity   Beijing China
Dr. ZHANG, Liming Tsinghua University   Beijing China
ZHANG, Shunan Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Dr. ZHAO, Minggang Nankai University   Tianjin China
Prof. ZHENG, Yangheng University of Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
Prof. ZHU, Xianglei Tsinghua University   Beijing China
卢, 宇 IHEP   Beijing China
姬, 清平 河南师范大学   Xinxiang China
Dr. 张, 文超 陕西师范大学   西安 China
Mr. 王, 梦臻 清华大学高能物理中心   Beijing China
肖, 素玉 高能所   Beijing China