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24-26 November 2017
Beijing Normal University
Asia/Shanghai timezone

There have been exciting progress in the field of Dark Matter, including: 1. new constraints on dark matter from direct detection experiments, 2. suspected signals of dark matter from indirect detection experiments, 3. dark matter model building motivated by the core-cusp problem, 4. improved constraints on dark matter from collider searches. This workshop will bring together a small group of experts to allow for targeted discussions that identify possible future advances and possible collaborations that merge these new results and ideas. The topics we plan to discuss include but are not limited to:

  • Dark matter direct detection experiments including CDEX, PandaX-II;
  • Dark matter searches at current and future colliders;
  • Dark matter indirect detections;
  • Dark matter models.


Advisory committee:

Xiang dong Ji (SJTU)

Qian Yue (THU)

Qing hong Cao(PKU)

Yu feng Zhou (ITP)

Xiao jun Bi (IHEP)

Jin Chang(PMO,CAS)



Wei Chao (chaowei@bnu.edu.cn)

Xiaohui Liu (xiliu@bnu.edu.cn)

Li Wang

Zhanchun Tu

Ke Xia


Starts Nov 24, 2017 08:30
Ends Nov 26, 2017 18:00
Beijing Normal University