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12-13 July 2018
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 63

downname institution position city country/region
Prof. LU, Cai-Dian 高能所   Beijing China
Prof. CAI, Chuanbing Shanghai University/Shanghai Creative Superconductor Technoloies Co. Ltd.   Shanghai China
Prof. CAO, Qing-Hong Peking University   Beijing China
Prof. CHEN, Mingshui IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. CHI , Yunlong IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. CHOU, Weiren IHEP   Aurora United States
Prof. FANG YAQUAN, Yaquan 高能所   Beijing China
Prof. GAO, Jie Institute of High Energy Physics   Beijing China
Prof. GAO, Yuanning Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Dr. GAO, jinlin beijing sinoscience fullcryo technology co.ltd   beijing United States
Prof. GUIMARAES COSTA, Joao 高能所   Beijing China
Prof. HE, Hong-Jian SJTU   Shanghai China
Prof. HUANG, Ming-Qiu Natinal University of Defense Technology   Changsha China
Prof. HUANG, Yongsheng IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. JIN, Shan 南京大学   南京 China
Dr. JIN, Song IHEP,CAS   Beijing China
Dr. KANG, Wen Magnet Group, Accelerator Centor   Beijing China
KEXIN, Liu Peking University Prof. Beijng China
Dr. LI, Qiang School of physics, Peking University   Beijing China
Prof. LI, Shaopeng IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. LIU, Yong Institute of High Energy Physics   Beijing China
Prof. LOU, Xinchou IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. MA, Jian-Ping Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS, Beijing   Beijing China
Mrs. MA, Yanhua SITP CAS   Shanghai China
Mr. MA, Zhongjian Institute of High Energy Physics   Beijing China
Prof. OUYANG, Qun IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. REN, Jing University of Toronto   Toronto Canada
Dr. SHA, Peng IHEP   Beijng China
Prof. SHEN, Chengping Beihang University   Beijing China
Prof. SHEN, Xiaoyan IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. SHI-YUAN, LI SDU   Jinan China
SHI, Xin IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. SHU, Jing ITP-CAS   Beijing China
Prof. SI, Zongguo School of Physics, Shandong University   Jinan China
Dr. WANG, Dou IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. WANG, Naiyan CIAE   Beijing China
WANG, Xiaolong Fudan University   Shanghai China
Dr. WANG, Yiwei IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. XIONG, lianyou beijing sinoscience fullcryo technology co.ltd   beijing China
YANG, Haijun Shanghai Jiao Tong University   Shanghai China
Prof. YUAN, Changzheng IHEP, Beijing   Beijing China
ZHANG, Chuang IHEP Professor Beijing China
Mr. ZHANG, Hao Theoretical Physics Division, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
Dr. ZHANG, Lei Nanjing University   Nanjing China
Dr. ZHANG, Yu-Jie Beihang University   Beijing China
Dr. ZHAO, Minggang Nankai University   Tianjin China
Dr. ZHUANG, Xuai 高能所   Beijing Chile
Dr. ZHU, Hongbo IHEP   Beijing China
ZHU, Kejun IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. ZHU, Zian Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
Prof. ZOU, Bing-Song ITP, CAS   Beijing China
Prof. 世琳, 朱 北京大学   北京 China
Dr. 张, 华桥 IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. 张, 学尧 山东大学   青岛 China
Prof. 梁, 作堂 Shandong University   QingDao China
Prof. 梁, 志均 IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. 王, 萌 山东大学   济南 China
Dr. 王, 雄飞 IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. 白, 杨 University of Wisconsin-Madison   Madison United States
Prof. 祁, 鸣 南京大学物理系 教授 NAN JING China
Prof. 衡 HENG, 月昆 Yuekun IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. 陈福三, Fusan Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS   Beijing China
黄, 燕萍 高能所   Beijing China