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Nov 9 – 11, 2018
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

64 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Bin Li Peking University
Chuanyang XING Peking University
Cong-feng Qiao University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Daneng Yang Department of Physics, Tsinghua University
Fan Zhong-Ying Center for Astrophysics, Guangzhou University
Guo-zhu(国柱) Ning*(宁) Hebei University(河北大学)
Hao Ma Tsinghua University
Hao Zhang Theoretical Physics Division, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Hua Chen Central China Normal Universe
Jiaming Shi Central China Normal University
Jiang-Hao Yu ITP, CAS
Jiao Zhang Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology
Jingjing Feng Hebei University
Jinmian Li Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Junjie Cao Henan Normal University
Kechen Wang Wuhan University of Technology
Lian-Bao Jia Southwest University of Science and Technology
Ligong Bian Chung-Ang University
Linqing Gao Institute of high energy physics
LiTao Yang Tsinghua University
Mingjie Jin IHEP
Mingjie Zhang Hebei University
ning chen Nankai University
Peiwen培文 Wu吴 (KIAS) Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Qi Bi Institute of High Energy Physics
Qian Yue Tsinghua University
Qiaoli Yang Jinan University
Qing-Hong Cao Peking University
Ran Ding Center for high energy physics, Peking University
Shao-Long Chen Central China Normal University
Shu-Yuan Guo Peking University
Shumin Zhao Hebei University
Song Xingchang PKU
Sun Ke-Sheng Baoding university
Taishi Katsuragawa Central China Normal University
Ti Gong Peking University
Tong Li Nankai University
Wei Chao Beijing Normal University
Wei Cheng Chongqing University
xia wan Shaanxi Normal University
Xiaohui Liu BNU
Xin Deng 重庆大学
Xingxing Dong Hebei University
Xue-Qian Li N安凯university
Xuewen Liu Nanjing University
Yandong Liu Beijing Normal University
Yu-Feng Zhou ITP-CAS
Yu-Jie Zhang Beihang University
Yuanning Gao Peking University
zhaofeng kang HUST(华中科技大学)
Zhi-Long Han University of Jinan
Zuowei Liu Nanjing University
守山 School of Physics, Shandong University
春贵 河北师范大学
由凯 陕西师范大学
Yantai Univeristy
Yantai University
红卫 天津大学