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10-15 November 2019
Guangzhou SYSU Kaifeng Hotel
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 105

name institution position city downcountry/region
Mr. RAE, Nicholas Australian Synchrotron Accelerator Operator MELBOURNE Australia
Dr. PONTON, Aurélien SCK•CEN   Mol Belgium
ANG, Zhengting TRIUMF   Vancouver Canada
Mr. CARRUTHERS, Stephen Canadian Light Source Accelerator Operator Saskatoon Canada
GENGE, Kathleen TRIUMF   Vancouver Canada
Ms. HE, Nina TRIUMF   Vancouver Canada
Mr. PREDDY, Doug Triumf   Vancouver Canada
Dr. SERPICO, Claudio Canadian Light Source   Saskatoon Canada
Ms. TOMA, violeta TRIUMF   Vancouver, B.C. Canada
ZALATAR, Nataliya Canadian Light Source   Saskatoon Canada
Mr. CHEN, Weilong IMPCAS   Lanzhou China
Mr. GU, Boyang IHEP   Dongguan China
Dr. HE, Yuan IMPCAS   Lanzhou China
Ms. JI, Hongfei IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. JIN, Hui LANZHOU KEJIN TAIJI CORPORATION,LTD.   Lanzhou, Gansu Province China
Mr. LIU, Meifei 高能所   Dongguan China
Mr. LIU, Weibin 高能所   Beijing China
Mr. MENG, Cai 高能所   Beijing China
Dr. MINGTAO, li 高能所   Dongguan China
Dr. MU, Zhencheng 高能所   Dongguan China
Dr. SHI, Hua Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Science   Beijing China
Dr. SUN, Qilong SSRF   Shanghai China
Dr. SUN, Jilei IHEP   Dongguan China
Dr. WANG, zhijun Institute of Modern Physics   Lanzhou China
Mr. WANG, Haoye Institute of Modern Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences   Lanzhou China
WEI , Yanru Institute of high energy physics   Beijing China
Mr. WEIQING, Yang IMP   Lanzhou China
Mr. WU, Xu SINAP/SSRF   Shanghai China
Mr. XING, Jun IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. XU, Wei University of Science and Technology of China   Hefei China
Mr. YUAN, Yue IHEP   Dongguan China
Dr. ZHANG, Tong National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory   Hefei China
Dr. ZHANG, Wenzhi SINAP   Shanghai China
Mr. ZHANG, Yuliang Institute of High Energy Physics   Dongguan, Guangdong China
刘华昌, Huachang 高能所   Dongguan China
Mr. 刘汉阳, 汉阳 IHEP   东莞市 China
Dr. 吴, 芳芳 中国科学技术大学   合肥市 China
彭月梅, Yuemei 高能所   北京 China
Prof. 王生, Sheng 高能所   北京 China
王鑫, wang 高能所   dongguan China
Mr. 许守彦, Shouyan 高能所   Dongguan China
Mr. LAMARRE, Jean-Francois Synchrotron-soleil   91192 Gif-sur-Yvette France
Mr. MARION, Thomas SYNCHROTRON SOLEIL Operator Gif sur Yvette France
MEYRONEINC, Samuel Institut Curie Head of technical & Engineering Service / Protontherapy Orsay France
Dr. NADOLSKI, Laurent Synchrotron SOLEIL Accelerators Coordinator Gif-sur-Yvette France
BIELER, Michael DESY   Hamburg Germany
Mr. BRINKMANN, Hans Arne Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron   Hamburg Germany
Dr. GEITHNER, Wolfgang GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenphysik Senior Researcher Darmstadt Germany
Dr. GEITHNER, Oksana GSI   Darmstadt Germany
Mr. HAUPT, Dennis DESY   Hamburg Germany
Mr. JOKINEN, Antti Fusion For Energy BA-IFMIF, Germany Technical Officer Garching Germany
Dr. RUPRECHT, Robert Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT Deparment Leader at Institute of Beam Physics and Technology, KIT-IBPT D-76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen Germany
Dr. SCHUETT, Petra GSI Helmholtz Institute for Heavy Ion Research GmbH   Darmstadt Germany
Dr. PINNA, Tonio ENEA Researcher Frascati Italy
Mr. CARA, Philippe IFMIF/EVEDA IFMIF/EVEDA Project Leader Rokkasho-Mura Japan
Mr. FRANCO CAMPOS, Jose QST Engineer at the IFMIF accelerator group Rokkasho-mura Japan
Dr. HIRATA, Yosuke National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology   Rokkasho, Aomori Japan
Dr. KONDO, Keitaro QST   Rokkasho-mura, Kamikita-gun, Aomori Japan
Dr. MURAMATSU, Masayuki National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology   Chiba Japan
Dr. NAKAMURA, Shu KEK   Tsukuba Japan
Dr. SOUDA, Hikaru Yamagata University Lecturer Yamagata Japan
Dr. TAKADA, Eiichi National Institute of Radiological Sciences, QST   Chiba-shi Japan
Mr. TAKAHASHI, Daiki Accelerator Engineering Corporation   Chiba-City Japan
Mr. UCHIYAMA, hiroshi Accelerator Engineering corporation Accelerator operator chiba Japan
Dr. YAMAMOTO, Kazami J-PARC/Japan Atomic Energy Agency Leader of Accelerator Section II Ibaraki Japan
Ms. KIM, Mungyung PAL(Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)   Pohang Korea, Republic of
Mr. YUNHO, KIM PAL(Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)   Pohang Korea, Republic of
Dr. VALENTINO, Gianluca University of Malta   Msida Malta
Dr. BELLO, NAZIRU BALA University of Abuja LECTURER ABUJA Nigeria
Mrs. OKOLOAGU, OGECHI CLARE University of Abuja lecturer ABUJA Nigeria
CONRADIE, Jacobus iThemba LABS Head Accelerator Department Somerset West South Africa
CASAS, Joan ALBA Synchrotron Head of the Engineering Division 08290 Cerdanyola del Valles Spain
FERNANDEZ, Ferran CELLS-ALBA Head of Operators Group Cerdanyola del Valles Spain
Ms. FUENTES, Lluisa ALBA Synchrontron Infrastructures Section Head 08290 Cerdanyola del Valles Spain
Mr. IGLESIAS, Jordi ALBA Synchrotron Mechanical Group Head Cerdanyola del Vallès / Barcelona / Spain Spain
PONT, Montse ALBA Synchrotron Section Head for Accelerators Operation Cerdanyola del Valles Spain
Dr. BARGALLO, Enric European Spallation Source ERIC   Lund Sweden
CARROLL, Martin European Spallation Source Machine Protection Engineer Lund Sweden
Mr. FRED, Viktor European Spallation Source ERIC   Lund Sweden
Dr. GABOURIN, Stephane ESS ERIC   Lund Sweden
GUSTAFSSON, Johannes European Spallation Source ERIC Machine Safety Expert Lund Sweden
Mrs. KÖVECSES DE CARVALHO, Szandra European Spallation Source   Lund Sweden
Dr. MUNOZ, Marc ESS Control Room Coordinator Lund Sweden
Dr. NORDT, Annika European Spallation Source ERIC Group Leader Protection Systems Lund Sweden
Dr. APOLLONIO, Andrea CERN   Geneva Switzerland
Dr. DI CASTRO, Mario CERN Head of the Mechatronics, Robotics and Operation Section Geneva Switzerland
Mr. FERLIN, Gerard CERN Head of Cryogenic section in charge of LHC & experiments operation Geneva Switzerland
Mr. GIACHINO, rossano CERN   1200 Geneva Switzerland
Mr. SOLFAROLI CAMILLOCCI, Matteo CERN   Geneva Switzerland
TODD, Benjamin CERN   Geneva Switzerland
Dr. ZAMANTZAS, Christos CERN   Geneva Switzerland
Mr. LIN, Wei Yu NSRRC Operator Hsinchu Taiwan
Mr. BAILEY, Chris Diamond Light Source   Didcot United Kingdom
Mr. BROWER, Julian STFC/ISIS Performance Improvement Didcot, Oxford United Kingdom
Mr. YAQOOB, Asim STFC RAL ISIS   Didcot, Oxford United Kingdom
Dr. BAGGETT, Kenneth Jefferson Lab   Newport News United States
Mr. BLACKLER, Ian Brookhaven National Laboratory Operations Coordinator Upton United States
Mr. MARR, Gregory Brookhaven National Laboratory Group Leader, Main Control Room Upton United States
NEWHART, Duane Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory DUNE ES&H Coordinator Batavia United States
Mr. SAMPSON, Paul Brookhaven National Laboratory Accelerator Support Group Leader Upton United States
Dr. STOLZ, Andreas Michigan State University   East Lansing United States
ZIMMER, Christopher SLAC (Stanford)   Menlo Park United States