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10-15 November 2019
Guangzhou SYSU Kaifeng Hotel
Asia/Shanghai timezone
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Guangzhou SYSU Kaifeng Hotel -

Development of web tools for fault tracking of the Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator (LIPAc)



Primary authors



In order to improve the workflow of the people working on the construction of the Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator (LIPAc), several web-based tools have been implemented. One of the most important ones is a custom fault tracking system, developed in-house. Previously, when a problem was found, workers had to fill an “event report” (a Word document) and upload it to the the document management system for discussion, analysis and eventual approval. Any change to the document meant downloading, modifying and reuploading it. Furthermore, there was no search capability, so a separate document with a summary of every report had to be kept. The whole procedure was very time consuming, and user satisfaction was very low. As a result, many problems would not be reported. The new tool offers an easy to use web-based interface, with an integrated workflow, search capabilities, and automatic email notifications. User satisfaction is higher, and as a result more problems are being reported, which means that they can be solved faster.