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11-12 May 2019
Hi Chance (Dalian) Science & Technology Center, 海创(大连)科技交流中心。
Asia/Shanghai timezone

The International Workshop on Partonic and Hadronic Transport Approaches for Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions will take place on May 11-12, 2019 in Dalian, P.R. China.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together leading experts and young researchers on topics such as

  • A Multi-Phase Transport (AMPT) model, its application in heavy ion collisions and development in the near future.
  • QCD phase transitions and search of the QCD critical point.
  • Transport theories in heavy ion collisions and other related issues.



  • Zi-wei Lin (林子威), East Carolina University

  • Guo-liang Ma (马国亮), Fudan University

  • Jun Xu (徐骏), SARI, CAS/SINAP, CAS

  • Wei-ning Zhang (张卫宁), Dalian University of Technology

  • Wei-jie Fu (付伟杰), Dalian University of Technology, wjfu@dlut.edu.cn, 13478905891


Traffic Information:


Starts May 11, 2019 09:00
Ends May 12, 2019 18:10
Hi Chance (Dalian) Science & Technology Center, 海创(大连)科技交流中心。
No.507,Huang pu road,Ganjingzi District,Dalian,Liaoning Prov. China, 大连市高新园区黄浦路507号。