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A workshop on QCD Physics & Study of the QCD Phase Diagram and New-type Topologic Effect will be held at the Weihai campus of Shandong University, Weihai, China, during July 17-25, 2019. July 17th will be the arrival and registration day.

The meeting will consist of invited theory talks and talks regarding experimental results. The topics in this meeting include (convenors also listed):

 i) QCD critical point & equation of state (Luo Xiaofeng)

 ii) Heavy flavor and strangeness production (Zhu Xianglei)

 iii) QCD medium polarization and chiral vorticity effect (Gao Jianhua, Yi Li)

 iv) Chiral Magnetic Effect in QCD (Chen Jinhui)

 v) 3D structure of nucleon and STAR Cold-QCD physics (Xu Qinghua)

 vi) NICA-MPD physics (Huang Mei)

 vii) EIC physics (Zhou Jian)

During this meeting, there will be also a dedicated discussion session for the NSFC key project “Study of the QCD Phase Diagram and New-type Topologic Effect”

The organizers of the meeting include Jinhui Chen (Fudan), Zuotang Liang (SDU), Yugang Ma (Fudan), Qinghua Xu(SDU), and Zhangbu Xu (SDU/BNL), Jian Zhou (SDU).  

The registration fee is 1500 RMB for each participant (800RMB for student and accompanying guest).  


Starts Jul 17, 2019 08:00
Ends Jul 25, 2019 18:00