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      About 10 billion J/psi events have been collected by the BESIII detector at BEPCII recently.  The decay rates of J/psi to hyperon anti-hyperon (Lambda, Sigma, Xi etc.) are at the order of 10^-3,  therefore about a few millions of quantum-correlated hyperon-anti-hyperon pairs can be fully reconstructed with negligible background & substantial polarization. With these we managed to redo all previous decay parameter measurements (including CPV) with higher precision.       

      In the workshop, we will also investigate the form-factors, polarization measurements from data taken at the hyperon-anti-hyperon production thresholds, continuum-non-resonant region and on the narrow resonances, such as J/psi, psi(2S) peak positions. Especially, we will discuss CP asymmetry measurements in the hyperon production (EDM) and decays, as well rare hyperon decays, which are sensitive to the physics beyond Standard Model. Because of these results, we are examining the case for a dedicated facility capable of providing more than trillion J/psi event samples for precision CPV measurements in hyperon decays, searches for rare decay modes, etc. Ultimately we will talk about sensitivity of 10^-4   for CPV measurement in the future facility (say "Trillion J/psi factory").

The workshop on form factor, polarization and CP violation in quantum-correlated hyperon-anti-hyperon production will be held at Fudan University, Shanghai on July 7st – 8th, 2019. The registration fee is 600 RMB, covering meeting material, coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, banquet and so on. The conference fee can be paid at the registration desk upon arrival. Accommodation are not included in registration and will have to be paid separately.

 Student activity square on the first floor, Guanghua Building(光华楼主楼一楼学生活动广场)

On Line Link:https://speakapp.link/to/NTrs8w

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Starts Jul 6, 2019 07:55
Ends Jul 8, 2019 20:10
Fudan University
Student activity square on the first floor, Guanghua Building(光华楼主楼一楼学生活动广场)