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9-10 November 2019
Siyuan Conference Hall
Asia/Shanghai timezone
        经过四十余年不懈的探索,量子色动力学已经被广泛接受为描述强相互作用的基本理论。虽然如此,目前人们对强相互作用的性质依然知之甚少,大量未解之谜有待研究,比如强子的内部结构、色禁闭的机制、量子色动力学的微扰及非微扰性质等等。         本次会议将从理论和实验两方面,对强相互作用的现状及未来发展方向进行探讨,促进在这一领域的发展及相互合作。会议将邀请多位前沿专家作特邀报告,并有少量的时间做科研进展汇报,欢迎年轻科研工作者提交报告申请。                                                  Frontier of QCD: Opportunities and Challenges          After four decades of efforts, QCD becomes the widely accepted fundamental theory for strong interaction. Even though, there are still plenty of mysteries, like the internal structure of hadrons, the mechanism of color confinement, and the perturbative and nonperturbative property of QCD.          The aim of the meeting is to review the current status and to discuss the future opportunities, from both theoretical and experimental sides. Eventually, we hope to push this field forward collaboratively. To this purpose, the organization committee will invite some experts to give talks. It is also very welcome for new scientist to submit abstracts. 会议地点:北京大学物理学院西楼 组委会:曹庆宏,刘川,刘玉鑫,马伯强,马滟青,乔从丰,肖振军 会议联系人: 吕    律:lvlv@pku.edu.cn (13488752420) 马滟青:yqma@pku.edu.cn (15011395547)
Starts Nov 9, 2019 08:00
Ends Nov 10, 2019 19:30
Siyuan Conference Hall
3F, West Building, School of Physics, PKU