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Jul 22 – 26, 2019
Asia/Shanghai timezone


IHEP is located approximately 45 km from the Beijing International Airport (PEK). It is strongly suggested to take taxi. You can get a taxi right outside arrival halls. There should be lines for official taxis. Do not take taxi from anyone soliciting business other than at the official taxi lines.

Transportation from Beijing Airport to your hotel:

(1) By taxi:

You can get a taxi right outside arrival halls. It takes 40-45 minutes without traffic from the airport to Holiday Inn Changan West Beijing . The fare is about 150 RMB (25 USD). If you take a taxi to your Hotel, please show the following tag ① or ② to the driver.

(2) By Subway:

You can take Airport Express from the Airport Station to Dongzhimen Station, from which transfer to line 2. Then make another change from line 2 to line 1 at Jianguomen Station, Take the direction to Ping Guo Yuan and get off at Yuquanlu Station. Take the north-west exit (Port A) and the IHEP campus is just at the north-west corner of the traffic cross. You can take the southern gate ( 300m west to the Subway Port A) The total fare should be around 30 RMB (4.5 USD).

(3) Airport shuttle bus:

You also can take airport shuttle bus from the airport to the Gong Zhu Fen bus station. The fare is 16RMB (2.4USD). Then you can take taxi to your Hotel or the Guest House. The fare is about 25RMB (3.5 USD). If you take the airport shuttle bus to Gong Zhu Fen, please show the following tag ③ to the check-in staff. When you arrive to Gong Zhu Fen, you need to take a taxi to your Hotel, please show the tag ①or ② to the taxi driver. 

Download the following words in PDF. 【PDF】


If you take taxi, please show this to the taxi driver:

① 请送我到永定路的长峰假日酒店

Please take me to Holiday Inn Changan West at Yong Ding Lu Street. 


② 请送我到玉泉路(19号乙)高能物理研究所的专家招待所

Please take me to the IHEP Guest House at Yu Quan Lu Street.


If you take airport shuttle bus, please show this to the airport staff or any one who can help:

③请告诉我, 在哪里乘民航班车去公主坟

Please tell me where to take the airport shuttle bus to Gong Zhu Fen.