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October 29, 2019 to November 1, 2019
Qingdao Fuxin Hotel
Asia/Shanghai timezone


Lunch and dinner are not provided.

Best restaurants around is listed below:


万象城 The Mix C Mall(384m):

1) 兰巴赫·西餐啤酒坊 LENBACH Western Restaurant

2) La Moda Western Restaurant

3) 太兴餐厅 Cantonese Cuisine

4) TSINGTAO 1903 Western Restaurant

5) 七爷清汤腩 Beef Noodles

6) 鲜鱼汤米线 Noodles

7) 味千拉面 Noodles

8) JR新干线 Japanese Cuisine

9) Wagas Western Restaurant

10) 宴小馆 Seafood

11) 船哥鱼水饺 Dumplings

12) The Diner X Western Restaurant

13) 南京大排档 Nanjing Dish

14) 炉鱼 Fish

15) 外婆家 Zhejiang Dish

16) 安南 Vietnamese Cuisine

17) 姜虎东白丁烤肉 Korean Barbecue

18) 将太无二 Sushi

19) 西贝莜面村 Northwest Chinese Cuisine

20) 北疆饭店 Xinjiang Dish

21) 牛道·红花牛火山石烧 Korean Barbecue

22) 王品牛排 Western Restaurant

23) 辽河渡口 Northeast Chinese Cuisine



Other Restaurants:

1. 老外婆 Suzhou & Zhejiang Dishes(second floor of Fuxin Hotel) 

2. 府新大厦自助餐厅 Fuxin Hotel Cafeteria 

3. 茂昌快餐店 (100m)

4. 大昌海鲜酒楼 Seafood(100m)

5. 伏羊四季涮坊火锅 Hotpot(110m)

6. 匠心阁北京烤鸭 Beijing Roast Duck(110m)

7. 李先生牛肉面大王 Beef Noodles(110m)

8. 琴岛顺天馄饨 Wonton (130m)

9. 老青岛餐厅 Shandong Dishes(third floor of Fuxin Hotel) 

10. 青阳炒鸡 Chicken(490m)

11. 一品堂自助餐厅 Shangri-La Hotel(460m)

12. 老渔家鲜水饺·海鲜大咖 Dumplings & Seafood(310m)

13. 丁卯·淄博烧烤 Barbecue(310m)

14. 大龙火锅 Hotpot(280m)

15. 归潮·海鲜牧场 Seafood (410m)