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October 29, 2019 to November 1, 2019
Qingdao Fuxin Hotel
Asia/Shanghai timezone


Fly to Qingdao:

There are several non-stop flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Sydney, Frankfurt, Moscow to Qingdao Liuting International Airport (ITAT: TAO, ICAO:ZSQD) which is about 30km away from conference venue.

There are many flights from different airlines connecting the major cities in China and Qingdao Liuting International Airport.

Usually, you will have a one-stop flight from the major cities from your countries connecting via Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou/Chengdu/Hongkong/Taipei to Qingdao.

Take train to Qingdao:

There are CRH trains connecting almost every major cities in China and Qingdao. Subways will take you to the conference venue from both Qingdao Station and QIngdao North Station. 

Travel from Qingdao to Wuhan for QM:

There are 3-4 domestic flights everyday from Qingdao to Wuhan from Nov.1st to 3rd. About 2.5 hours flight time.

There are 4 CRH trains from Qingdao to Wuhan everyday. About 8 hours train time.


The transportation between conference venue and the airport/train station can be found below.

From Airport to Fuxin Hotel: 31km

1. By airport shuttle, 100 min, 20 RMB

Fuxin Hotel is the destination of Line 701 airport shuttle, the bus arrives at the yard of hotel.

The Ticket Booking Station is near Arrival's Gate 2 (First Floor), then you can go out of Gate 2 to take bus, Line 701 should be in front. 

The first bus departs at 7:30, second one is 8:10, third is 9:00, then every half hour.

2. By taxi, 40 min

Please send me to Qingdao Fuxin Hotel, Thank you.


From Train Station to Fuxin Hotel:

1. From Qingdao Station:  9km


    Taxi: 21 RMB, 18 min

2. From Qingdao North Station:  18km


    Taxi: 48 RMB, 27 min


From Fuxin Hotel to Airport

1. By airport shuttle, 100 min

The first bus departs at 5:10, second one is 5:55, then every half hour.

2. By taxi, 40 min

Please send me to airport, Thank you.


From Fuxin Hotel to Train Station:

1. To Qingdao Station:  9km

    Metro: Take METRO LINE 3 to QINGDAO STATION, 30 min

    Taxi: 23 RMB, 21 min

2. To Qingdao North Station:  18km

    Metro: Take METRO LINE 3 to QINGDAO NORTH STATION, 48 min

    Taxi: 48 RMB, 27 min