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Jan 11 – 17, 2020
Asia/Shanghai timezone


Shuttles will pick up at 12:30 (or 13:00) on 2020-1-14 at Guangxi University, We will provide lunch boxes for everyone on that day. We'll go back for banquet (banquet at about 18:30 or 19:00). During the ISC meeting, we will arrange another excursion on 2020-1-19  in qingxiu mountain. so please don't choose qingxiu mountain as your excursion option on 2020-1-14  if you will attend the ISC meeting.

班车将于2019-1-14 12:30(或13:00)在广西大学接大家前往景点,当天我们将为大家提供午餐盒(包括面包水果和矿泉水等,车上吃)。游览结束后,我们将乘坐大巴回去参加晚宴(晚宴大概18:30或者19:00开始)。在ISC会议期间,我们将安排1月19日在青秀山的另一次游览。因此,如果您参加ISC会议,请不要选择青秀山作为您1月14日的出游选择。

There are two options for excursion. The first one is Qingxiu mountain (青秀山) which located in the heart of Nanning downtown, it's about 40 minutes from Guangxi University to qingxiu mountain. The second option is Longhu mountain (龙虎山), it consumes about one hour and 40 minutes from Guangxi University to Longhu mountain.


Qing Xiu Shan Qingxiu mountain Scenic Spot (hereinafter mentioned as the “Scenic Spot”) lies in the heart of Nanning downtown and neighbors to the north shore of the winding Yongjiang River. The Scenic Spot enjoys planning area of 13 square kilometers, in which, 6 square kilometers have been built and open to the public. The Scenic Spot has numerous peaks rising high and low, green and prosperous trees, quiet rocks and steep cliffs, clean springs and rare stones. Featured with South Asia tropical plant landscape, the Scenic Spot is endowed with rich negative oxygen ions and a unique natural relaxation oxygen bar forms here. Famous as an attraction where “the mountain is not high but graceful, the water is not deep but clear”, the Scenic Spot is reputed as the “Green Lung of Nanning” and the “Emerald of the Green City, Phoenix of the Zhuang Region".



Longhu mountain is one of famous "monkey mountain" in China, the total area is about 271 hectares, the scenic forest coverage rate reached 98.7%, one of the home to many rare and endangered countries a, level 2 protect animals and plants, is a natural gene pool of plants and animals. According to incomplete statistics, there are 213 species of wild animals in longhu mountain, among which there are more than 3,000 wild macaques. In addition, there are more than 1200 species of wild plants in 599 genera and 155 families, among which 713 species are medicinal plants.

龙虎山是中国“四大猴山”之一,是广西壮族自治区级森林和野生动物类型综合自然保护区及自然风景名胜区,景区总面积为271公顷,森林覆盖率达98.7%,其中栖息着不少珍贵濒危的国家一、二级保护动植物,是一个天然的动植物基因库。 据不完全统计,目前,龙虎山拥有各种野生动物213种,其中野生猕猴就有 3000多只;另外拥有野生植物155科599属1200多种,其中药用植物占713种。龙虎山景区以龙虎猴趣取胜,融原始生态、趣石奇林、药物宝库、佛文化传承于一体,历史沉淀和人文传说散发出淳郁的原始气息。

What you have to seriously pay attention to before you go to Longhu mountain

Rhesus monkey is the spirit of the mountain, naughty, naughty, greedy, wild and sometimes restless; please keep the following points in your mind during your visit:

1. Please do not fake feeding with empty hands. Monkeys will think that they are being teased and get angry and hurt others.

2. Please ask the guardian to take good care of the children traveling with you. Please do not let the children tease or feed the monkeys alone.

3, Do not too close to the baby monkey, monkey mother who out of maternal love will help to protect the baby, easy to cause accidental injury.

4. Do not try to touch or hug the monkey. The monkey will think it is attacked or captured and fight so hard that it will hurt others.

5. Do not look at the monkey for a long time (including glances, and romantic glances, etc.), which may be assumed as provocation.

6. Do not chase, threaten, kick or hit the monkey. The safe distance from the monkey is 1 meter.

7. Do not bring emotionally unstable pets (cats, dogs, etc.) into the scenic area. The growling and aggressive behavior of pets may cause disturbance of the monkey group, which is easy to cause accidents.

8, the hands can adopt a natural posture, do not make a fist, holding sticks, branches and other things, do not throw (throw) non-food items at the monkey, the monkey will mistakenly be attacked and preemptively.

9, if the food has run out or you do not intend to feed, please hide the food from the monkeys carefully (this is very difficult), but naturally open an empty hand and mouth said "no", the monkey will no longer do entanglement. When your belongings are being grabbed by monkeys, please spread your hands out so that they can check and not fight with you. Ask your tour guide or staff for help.

10. Do not carry things in plastic bags (transparent or opaque). Monkeys will assume that the food in plastic bags is inevitable because of their habits. If you have plastic bags, please hide them in an opaque container made of other materials. Similarly, if the food is not intended for the monkeys, please hide it.

11. Nanning longhu mountain scenic area is one of famous "monkey mountain" in China. There are more than 3,000 wild macaques in the scenic area. In order to better protect the personal safety of tourists, the scenic spot stipulates that all tourists who qualify for free admission to the park must voluntarily purchase 5 yuan of personal accident insurance at the ticket window with their id card or id number.