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交通 Ground Transportation


主会场地址: 上海新世界丽笙大酒店

Conference Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World

地址: 上海黄浦区南京西路88号。

Address: No.88, Nanjing West Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai.


As a convenient and economical way of keeping in contact while travelling, please consider purchasing a SIM card at the airport (arrival hall, near luggage area) with a small cost (50-100 RMB varied by carrier, minutes and data etc.).


Participants can take taxi to the hotel. Taxi is in general not expensive (tips are not required). DiDi App is very popular to call Taxi in China.


出租车信息 Taxi Information:

目的地:上海新世界丽笙大酒店 上海黄浦区南京西路88号。

Destination: To Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World (Address: No.88, Nanjing West Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai.)

1.  从浦东国际机场 From/to Pudong International Airport 

     Taxi -cost ~ RMB 170-185 (about 70-80 minutes, 50 KM)

2. 从虹桥机场 From/to Hongqiao Airport

     Taxi -cost ~ RMB 75-85 (about 55-65 minutes, 30 KM)

3. 从虹桥火车站 From/to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

    Taxi -cost ~ RMB 75-85 (about 55-65 minutes, 30 KM)

4. 从上海火车站 From/to Shanghai Railway Station

    Taxi -cost ~ RMB 15-20 (about 12-18 minutes, 3.5 KM)


地铁 Public Transportation-by Metro:

Please go to the following information and maps for your reference: