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Gaseous Detector

Oct 26, 2020, 10:30 AM


800 Dongchuan Road Shanghai, 200240


Gaseous Detector

  • Hongyu ZHANG (EPC, IHEP, CAS, China)
  • Huirong Qi (Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS)
  • Silvia Dalla Torre (CERN)

Gaseous Detector

  • Silvia Dalla Torre (CERN)
  • Huirong Qi (Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS)

Presentation materials

There are no materials yet.
Dr Huirong Qi (Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS)
10/26/20, 10:30 AM
伟 刘 (清华大学) , Dr 智 邓 (清华大学)
10/26/20, 10:48 AM
Dr Botan Wang (Tsinghua University)
10/26/20, 11:24 AM
Weihao Wu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
10/26/20, 11:42 AM
Peter Kluit (NIKEHF)
10/26/20, 4:30 PM
Florian Brunbauer (C)
10/26/20, 4:50 PM
Marco Chiappini (INFN-Pisa)
10/26/20, 5:10 PM
Dr Klaus Dehmelt (Stony Brook U.)
10/26/20, 5:30 PM
Prof. imad laktineh (IPNL)
10/26/20, 5:50 PM
Dr Zhiyang Yuan (IHEP)
10/26/20, 6:10 PM
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