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27-30 August 2021
Asia/Shanghai timezone

       希格斯粒子发现后,精确测量希格斯性质,深入理解电弱对称性破缺机制,以及寻找超出标准模型新物理是LHC未来对撞机实验的重点。今年7-8月的夏季会议上,LHC实验将报道一批Run 2最新的物理研究结果,明年开始新的Run 3实验运行。因此,理解新的实验结果,规划未来的实验研究在此时显得尤为重要。



     After the discovery of the Higgs boson, precise measurements of Higgs properties, understanding the dynamics of the Electro-Weak Symmetry Breaking and searching for the new physics Beyond the Standard Model are among the main physics targets for LHC and the future colliders.

    During this summer many new results will be updated with the full Run 2 data, and next year LHC will start the Run 3 data collection. It is crucial to understand new results and explore the opportunities at future experiments.

    This workshop will bring together theorists and experimenters to discuss about Higgs precise measurements, Higgs self-coupling studies, BSM physics searches and the opportunities at the LHC and beyond. 





地方会务组:张雷(leizhang1801@mail.nju.edu.cn)、夏力钢(ligang.xia@cern.ch)、周思成 (zhousc@nju.edu.cn)



北大:曹庆宏,刘佳,孙小虎;清华:陈新;理论所:舒菁,于江浩;北航:袁丽;高能所:方亚泉,黄艳萍,陈明水,张岑;山大:马连良;科大:吴雨生;南大:张雷、刘佐伟;南京师大:武雷;上交:刘坤,Michael RM;华科:康召丰;复旦:顾嘉荫;浙大:肖朦;重庆大学:边立功;中山:张宏浩

Starts Aug 27, 2021 08:00
Ends Aug 30, 2021 20:10



南京1912 街区(总统府附近,步行20分钟)

夫子庙景区(步行+地铁 20分钟)

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