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Teleworkshop on Strong QCD from Hadron Structure Experiments

online (ZOOM)



Craig Roberts (Nanjing University)


ZOOM link: <please click here>.


Having entered the 12 GeV era at JLab and with upgraded and new facilities worldwide using electromagnetic and hadronic probes, the world has embarked on an ambitious program of experiments to determine hadron elastic and transition form factors, GPDs, and TMD structure functions and therewith expose the one- and three-dimensional structure of hadrons. It is therefore imperative to develop phenomenology and theory that can convert the data into insights that will expose the character of interaction dynamics at the strong QCD frontier, where QCD's running-coupling and -masses become large and hadrons and atomic nuclei are generated. This workshop will gather experts in experiment, phenomenology and theory in order to develop plans and build collaborations that will ensure science fully capitalizes on these capital investments.

The following themes will be canvassed by keynote speakers and in associated discussion.

  • Hadron spectroscopy and structure; and insights into the emergence of hadron mass.
  • Advances in the exploration of hadron spectra, including hybrid states, via photo-, electro-, and hadroproduction.
  • Amplitude analyses for extraction of ground/excited-state and hybrid hadron properties.
  • Hadron spectra and strong QCD symmetries.
  • Ground-state nucleon form factors and PDF, advances in experiment, phenomenology and theory.
  • Strong QCD from combined studies of the ground and excited nucleon states: experiment, phenomenology and theory.
  • Lattice-QCD advances in description of hadron spectrum and structure.
  • Light front holography and models of hadron structure.
  • Emergence of the structure of atomic nuclei from strong QCD.
  • Femtographic imaging of ground- and excited-state hadrons, including mechanical properties from the stress-energy tensor.
  • 3-D nucleon structure from SIDIS: experiment and theory.
  • Progress toward a multi-faceted/synergistic theory framework for gaining insight into strong QCD from the studies of hadron spectrum and structure.
  • Expanding insights into strong QCD from experiments with Electron-Ion Colliders in the USA and China.


Organizing Committee

  • Craig D. Roberts, Nanjing University (Chair),
  • Marco Battaglieri, Jefferson Lab,
  • Volker D. Burkert, Jefferson Lab,
  • Daniel S. Carman, Jefferson Lab,
  • Abhay Deshpande, SUNY-Stonybrook,
  • Jerry P. Draayer, LSU,
  • Latifa Elouadrhiri, Jefferson Lab,
  • Rolf Ent, Jefferson Lab,
  • Ralf W. Gothe, University  of South Carolina.
  • Kyungseon Joo, University of Connecticut,
  • Victor I. Mokeev, Jefferson Lab,
  • Jianwei Qiu, Jefferson Lab,
  • David G. Richards, Jefferson Lab,
  • Adam Szczepaniak, University of Indiana.


Teleworkshop Administrator:

    Zhu-Fang Cui, Nanjing University, phycui@nju.edu.cn

  • Abhay Deshpande
  • Adam Szczepaniak
  • Alessandro Pilloni
  • Alexander Pimikov
  • Alexandr Bulgakov
  • Alfred Svarc
  • Ali Khorramian
  • Almaz Nasrtdinov
  • Anna Frolova
  • Anna Golubenko
  • Astrid Hiller-Blin
  • Carlos Munoz
  • Chaden Djalali
  • Chao Shi
  • Chengdong Han
  • chentao Tan
  • Craig Roberts
  • Cédric Mezrag
  • Daniel Carman
  • Daniele Binosi
  • David Richards
  • David Wilson
  • Elena Santopinto
  • Emanuel Ydrefors
  • En Wang
  • Evgeny Isupov
  • Evgeny Shirokov
  • Fabio Braghin
  • fei gao
  • Feliciano De Soto
  • Francois-Xavier Girod
  • Fu-Sheng Yu
  • Gerard Gilfoyle
  • Giovanni Salme'
  • Gleb Fedotov
  • Harut Avagyan
  • Herve Moutarde
  • Hiroyuki Noumi
  • Huey-Wen Lin
  • hui li
  • Hyun-Chul Kim
  • Jerry Draayer
  • Jianwei Qiu
  • Jin-Li Zhang
  • Jorge Segovia
  • Jose Manuel Morgado Chávez
  • José Rodriguez-Quintero
  • João de Mello
  • June-Young Kim
  • Khepani Raya
  • Kyuyngseon Joo
  • Langtian Liu
  • Latifa Elouadrhiri
  • Lei Chang
  • Lothar Tiator
  • Maksim Davydov
  • Marco Battaglieri
  • Marija Čuić
  • Marukyan Hrachya
  • Michael Doering
  • Minghui Ding
  • Muhammad Junaid
  • Nikolay Markov
  • Oleg Denisov
  • Pei-Lin Yin
  • Peng Cheng
  • Philip L Cole
  • Pushpa Pandey
  • Ralf Gothe
  • Rong Wang
  • shao junxiang
  • Shu-Sheng Xu
  • Shujie Li
  • Sixue Qin
  • Stefan Diehl
  • Stephane Platchkov
  • Stephen Kay
  • Strakovsky Igor
  • Takahiro Sawada
  • Tobias Frederico
  • Valerii Klimenko
  • Vasiliy Shvedunov
  • Victor Mokeev
  • Volker Burkert
  • Wei Kou
  • Wen-Chen Chang
  • Wolf-Dieter Nowak
  • Xiangdong Ji
  • Xiaoyu Wang
  • Xu Cao
  • Xurong Chen
  • Ya Lu
  • Ya-Ping Xie
  • Yannick Wunderlich
  • Ying Chen
  • Yongliang Yang
  • Yongseok Oh
  • Yongwoo Choi
  • Zhao-Qian Yao
  • Zhen-Ni Xu
  • Zhu-Fang Cui
    • 7:45 PM
      Times: US East Coast: 08:00-12:00 ... Europe: 14:00-18:00 ... Nanjing : 20:00-24:00
    • 1
      E: DIS at JLab
      Speaker: Shujie Li
    • 2
      E: EHM through AMBER at CERN-SPS
      Speaker: Oleg Denisov
    • 3
      T: Insights into EHM using pion and kaon targets
      Speaker: Craig Roberts (Nanjing University)
    • 4
      T: Meson structure from lQCD
      Speaker: Huey-Wen Lin (M)
    • 9:40 PM
    • 5
      E: News on pion and kaon structure studies
      Speaker: Stephen Kay
    • 6
      E: Nucleon energy-momentum tensor
      Speaker: Francois-Xavier Girod
    • 7
      T: 3D structure of mesons
      Speaker: Khepani Raya
    • 8
    • 7:55 PM
      Times: US East Coast: 08:00-12:00 ... Europe: 14:00-18:00 ... Nanjing : 20:00-24:00
    • 9
      E: 3D images of the nucleon
      Speaker: Carlos Munoz
    • 10
      E: Challenges in TMDs
      Speaker: Harut Avakian
    • 11
      T: 3D Structure of the nucleon
      Speaker: Xiangdong Ji (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
    • 12
      T: GPDs and PARTONS
      Speaker: Herve Moutarde
    • 9:40 PM
    • 13
      E: New states and new opportunities with CLAS12
      Speaker: Daniel Carman
    • 14
      E: EHM from resonance electrocouplings
      Speaker: Victor Mokeev
    • 15
      T: Faddeev equation and resonance electrocouplings
      Speaker: Jorge Segovia (University Pablo de Olavide)
    • 16
    • 7:55 PM
      Times: US East Coast: 08:00-12:00 ... Europe: 14:00-18:00 ... Nanjing : 20:00-24:00
    • 17
      E: New opportunities in nucleon resonances
      Speaker: Ralf Gothe
    • 18
      E: 1st CLAS12 results on inclusive electron scattering
      Speaker: Nick Markov
    • 19
      T: Resonance electroproduction
      Speaker: Michael Doering
    • 20
      T: LQCD and the description of hadron spectra
      Speaker: David Wilson
    • 9:40 PM
    • 21
      E: Transition N->N* GPDs
      Speaker: Stefan Diehl
    • 22
      T: Analysis of inclusive electron scattering in the resonance region
      Speaker: Astrid Hiller-Blin
    • 23
      T: Hadron radii from precise, low-Q2 e-scattering data
      Speaker: Daniele Binosi
    • 24
    • 7:55 PM
      Times: US East Coast: 08:00-12:00 ... Europe: 14:00-18:00 ... Nanjing : 20:00-24:00
    • 25
      E: heavy-quark baryons
      Speaker: Hiroyuki Noumi
    • 26
      T: Production of hybrids and exotics
      Speaker: Alessandro Pilloni
    • 27
      T: LQCD and exotic hadrons
      Speaker: Ying Chen
    • 28
      T: EHM and the meson spectrum
      Speaker: Sixue Qin (Chongqing University)
    • 9:40 PM
    • 29
      T: New baryon states in quark models
      Speaker: Elena Santopinto
    • 30
    • 31
      Speaker: Conveners