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Hyper-Nuclei Production on HI Collisions

Speaker: Takehiko Saito (RIKEN)

Time: Jun. 1(Tuesday)  6:00am (San Fransisco), 9:00am (New York), 3:00pm (Frankfurt), 6:30pm(New Delhi), 9:00pm (Beijing), 10:00pm (Tokyo)


Experimental hypernuclear physics entered a new era in the recent years by experiments employing heavy ion beams, i.e., the STAR, HypHI and ALICE experiments. These experiments have revealed a puzzle of the lightest know three-body hypernucleus, the so-called hypertriton on its lifetime and binding energy, though it is regarded as the benchmark of the hypernuclear physics for seven decades.  Furthermore, the HypHI experiment observed signals indicating the existence of the unprecedented Lambda-nn bound state but the theoretical calculations show negative results on its existence. We are now preparing the WASA-FRS experiment for precise measurements of the lifetime of three- and four-body hypernuclei and for confirming whether or not the Lambda-nn bound state can exist by employing 6Li projectiles at 2 A GeV bombarding at a fixed carbon target. The first WASA-FRS experiment is planed to be performed at GSI in the beginning of 2022. Additionally, we are also analyzing the nuclear emulsion data of the J-PARC E07 experiment with newly developed machine learning model for measuring precisely the binding energy of light hypernuclei including the hypertriton. In the talk, the status of these projects are discussed, and brief overview of our perspective at FAIR and HIAF will be presented.

Chair:  Nu Xu

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