The 4th International Workshop on Charm Physics:Charm2010

chaired by HaiBo LI (Institute of High Energy Physics)
from to (Asia/Shanghai)
at Institute of High Energy Physics
Beijing, China
Description Charm physics has experienced a renaissance in the past several years. High statistics charm samples from the B factories and Tevatron, along with new precision measurements from CLEO-c, have led to the discovery of new states of charm and charmonium, and detailed determinations of decay properties of many particles. The current excitement is bound to grow over the next several years; as BES-III is taking data, exciting experiments at LHC are ready, and new experiments, for example PANDA and a SuperFlavor factory are on the horizon.
This workshop will cover recent results in this field, including the impact on and from theory, as well as projections for results to be expected from upcoming facilities. In particular, sessions will address the following topics:
1) Hidden Charm Spectroscopy and Transitions
2) Production of Charm and Charmonia
3) Hidden and Open Charm in Media
4) Charm Meson and Baryon Spectroscopy
5) Light Hadronic Spectroscopy from Decays of Charm and Charmonia
6) Leptonic, Semileptonic and Rare Charm Decays
7) Advances in Theoretical Tools
8) D Oscillations and CP Violation
9) New Physics Scenarios for Charm Decays
10) Experimental Charm Facilities - Status and Future
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