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Probing the Zbb anomalous couplings

Aug 9, 2022, 4:10 PM
Oral report TeV物理和超出标准模型新物理 Parallel Session II (1):TeV and BSM Physics


Dr Bin Yan (IHEP)


To resolve the long-standing discrepancy between the precision measurement of bottom quark forward-backward asymmetry at LEP/SLC and the Standard Model prediction, 
we propose four different novel methods to probe the $Zbb$ couplings by measuring $gg\to Zh$ production, Z boson exclusive decay at the LHC and (average jet charge weighted) single-spin asymmetry at the HERA and EIC. We demonstrate that $gg\to Zh$ cross section, the branching ratio of $Z\to \Upsilon(ns)+\gamma$, 
and jet charge weighted single-spin asymmetry are sensitive to the axial-vector component of the $Zbb$ coupling, while the single-spin asymmetry is sensitive to the vector component. The apparent degeneracy of the $Zbb$ couplings implied by the LEP precision electroweak measurements could be resolved by the current 13 TeV LHC $Zh$ data. 
We also show the potential to verify or exclude the LEP data and resolve the AFB puzzle through those methods.

Primary author

Dr Bin Yan (IHEP)

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