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Projected three-point energy correlator at NNLL

Aug 10, 2022, 3:45 PM
Oral report TeV物理和超出标准模型新物理 Parallel Session V (1):TeV and BSM Physics


Zhen Xu (Zhejiang University)


The energy correlators measure the pattern of the energy deposition in detectors. The collinear limit, where the angle between the detectors approaches zero, is of particular interest for describing the substructure of jets produced at colliders. By utilizing our factorization theorem and calculating the required ingredients, we perform the resummation of the logarithmically enhanced terms for the projected three-point energy correlator in the collinear limit through to NNLL by renormalization group evolution.

The ratio between the projected three-point energy correlator and the two-point energy correlator is an observable advantageous in extracting the strong coupling constant at colliders. We present the NNLL+NNLO perturbative result for this ratio, and consider the effects from power-suppressed non-perturbative QCD corrections. Such an observable with high accuracy may also probe non-trivial information of the jet-substructure and improve our understanding of QCD dynamics.

Primary authors

Dr HuaXing Zhu (Zhejiang University) Dr Wen Chen (Zhejiang University) Xiaoyuan Zhang (Harvard University) Yibei Li (Zhejiang University) Zhen Xu (Zhejiang University)

Presentation materials