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Introduction of DAQ System’s Firmware of Giant Radio Array for Neutrino Detection

Aug 11, 2022, 2:38 PM


Mr 行 许 (中国科学院紫金山天文台)


Giant Radio Array for Neutrino Detection (GRAND) is a high-energy neutrino and cosmic ray telescope under construction, it detects particles by radio emissions of extensive air shower. A single site of the array includes one central station and many detection units, the firmware running on the Data Acquisition (DAQ) board of detection units performs baseline correction, filtering and triggering on the ADC sampling data, and communicates wirelessly with the central station to obtain instructions and transmit timestamps or science data. We are updating the firmware design based on the previous work.

Primary author

Mr 行 许 (中国科学院紫金山天文台)

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