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Spin alignment of vector mesons in heavy-ion collisions

Aug 11, 2022, 2:55 PM


Dr Xin-Li Sheng (Central China Normal University)


We present a relativistic spin Boltzmann equation (SBE) for spin dynamics of vector mesons based on Kadanoff-Baym equations. Using SBE and an effective quark-meson model, we calculate $\rho_{00}$ (the 00-element of the spin density matrix) for $\phi$ mesons formed by the coalescence of s and $\overline{s}$ quarks which are assumed to be polarized by the vorticity and $\phi$ fields. We show that the contributions to $\rho_{00}$ from the vorticity and $\phi$ fields all appear as local correlation between strong force fields of the same kinds and same components. This indicates that fluctuations of strong force fields play an important role in $\rho_{00}$, which can be formulated and extracted in relativistic quantum transport theory. Our results on the colliding energy, transverse momentum and centrality dependence of $\rho_{00}$ are in good agreement with recent STAR data for $\phi$ mesons.

Primary author

Dr Xin-Li Sheng (Central China Normal University)


Qun WANG (Peking University) Prof. Xin-Nian Wang (Central China Normal University/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Presentation materials