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D-wave excited cscs tetraquark states with J^PC=1++ and 1+-

Aug 10, 2022, 8:12 PM


Mr Zi-Yan Yang (Sun Yat-sen University)


We study the mass spectra of D-wave excited cs\bar{c}\bar{s} tetraquark states with J^PC=1++ and 1+− in both symmetric and antisymmetric color configurations by using the QCD sum rule method. We construct the D-wave diquark-antidiquark type of cs\bar{c}\bar{s} tetraquark interpolating currents in various excitation structures with (Lλ,Lρ{lρ1,lρ2})=(2,0{0,0}),(1,1{1,0}),(1,1{0,1}),(0,2{1,1}),(0,2{2,0}),(0,2{0,2}). Our calculations support the recent observed X(4685) resonance to be a D-wave csc¯s¯ tetraquark state with JPC=1++ in (0,2{1,1}) excitation mode. We suggest to search for these possible D-wave csc¯s¯ tetraquarks in both the hidden-charm channels J/ψϕ, ηcϕ and open-charm channels such as DsD∗s, DsD∗s1 and so on.

Primary author

Mr Zi-Yan Yang (Sun Yat-sen University)

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