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Apr 22 – 23, 2023
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

32 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Bingrong Yu Institute of High Energy Physics (Beijing)
Bingshui Gao Institute of Modern Physics
Enping Zhou Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Gang Guo China University of Geosciences
Gaosong Li 高能所
Hao Huang Institute of Modern Physics
Jie Meng Peking University
Kuoang Li Institute of Modern Physics, CAS
Meng-Ru Wu Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
Ningqiang Song Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Renxin Xu School of Physics, Peking University
Shaoping Li IHEP
Shu Luo Xiamen University
Shun Zhou IHEP, Beijing
Shuo-yu Xia Institute of High Energy Physics
Sophia Han T.D. Lee Institute/SJTU
Wei Chao Beijing Normal University
Xiaodong Tang Institute of Modern Physics, CAS
Xilu Wang Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xinyi Zhang Hebei University
Xu Li institute of high energy physics
Ye-Ling Zhou HIAS-UCAS
Yibing Zhang IHEP, CAS
Yifei Niu Lanzhou University
Ying-Ying Li USTC
Yu-Qi Xiao Central China Normal University
Yufeng Li IHEP, Beijing
Zha Shuai Shanghai Jiaotong University
栋梁 中科院近物所
艺霖 高能所