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August 14, 2023 to December 1, 2023
Asia/Shanghai timezone




必须指出的是,味物理研究的范畴极为宽广,目前的白皮书中还有若干漏项,而CEPC加速器本身的各项参数也在逐步优化,将于今年(2023年)发布CEPC技术设计报告。CEPC上可进行的味物理研究领域中尚未被目前白皮书覆盖的内容,将通过未来的二阶段预研(Phase-II study)加以覆盖。





CEPC/FCC can produce trillions of Z bosons, tens of millions of W bosons, millions of Higgs bosons, and, potentially, about a million top quarks. Z bosons decay with a 70% probability to quark-antiquark pairs and a 3% probability to a pair of Tau leptons. Therefore, CEPC has great potential in the field of flavor physics studies.

In order to quantify the scientific potential of CEPC in flavor physics, clarify its comparative advantages, and maximize the scientific output of CEPC by optimizing the detector design, the CEPC R&D team conducted a series of studies on the physics potential of flavor on CEPC.

In 2019, the CEPC study group proposed a plan to write a white paper on flavor physics to summarize the aforementioned key information; and recently completed the first draft of the Phase-I White Paper on Flavor Physics. The current draft of the white paper covers rare B decay, CP violations, spectroscopy studies, etc.

It must be pointed out that the scope of flavor physics research is extremely broad, there are still some omissions in the current white paper, and the parameters of the CEPC accelerator itself are still being optimized, the CEPC technical design report (TDR) will be released this year (2023). What is available at CEPC that is not yet covered by the current white paper will be covered by future Phase-II studies.

This indico page was created to collect information on CEPC flavor physics researchers and research topics. If you are interested in participating in and support CEPC's future flavor physics studies, please register on this page; We will also list you as the author of this white paper.

At present, there are still some editorial work to be done, and we plan to upload this White Paper to arXiv in the next couple of weeks. The current version of the white paper was attached in this indico page.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for this white paper draft, please fill out the survey in this page and we will consider your suggestions. If you have other questions that would like to discuss, please contact us via the emails listed in this indico page.

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