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5-8 December 2011
IHEP, Beijing, China
Asia/Shanghai timezone
Brief Introduction to OSTEC
Ningxia Orient Superconductor Technology Co., Ltd (“OSTEC” for short) is a joint venture company sponsored by Ningxia Orient Tantalum Industry Co., Ltd (“OTIC” for short) and Peking University. OSTEC organizes the superconductor material businesses on behalf of OTIC. The businesses include RRR niobium, Nb55Ti, and titanium for the superconductor radio frequency accelerator application and tantalum, niobium, Nb47Ti for the superconductor multifiber cable application. For superconducting application OSTEC offers RRR niobium, NbTi, tantalum in various forms and sizes. The products consist of sheet, strip, rod, ring, tube and disk. OSTEC is building facilities for SRF cavity fabrication and process, which contain pressing, machining center, chemical process, EB welding and cleaning room. It would like to offer more service for the SRF community. OTIC owns analysis lab in situ for mechanical, metallography, chemical trace impurity and ultrasonic testing. And ISO9001, OHSOS18001, ISO14001 are registed. OTIC supplies dependable products and services continuously.

OTIC Tour Information
Tour to OTIC is welcomed and will be organized by the company. OTIC is located in the city of Shizuishan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, west China. Yinchuan is the capital city. The tentative visit schedule is as follows:

Dec. 9th
17:05  flight CA1213 from Beijing to Yinchuan
19:00  arrive at Yinchuan Hedong Airport, pick-up by OTIC
20:10  arrive at Shizuishan
20:30  welcome dinner by OTIC

Dec. 10th
08:30  visit OTIC
12:00  lunch (provided by OTIC)
14:30  leave for airport
17:15  flight CA122 from Yinchuan to Beijing
19:05  arrive at Beijing International Airport

Suggested hotel at the City of Shizuishan: Xinghai Lake Hotel (400 CNY per night, CNY cash only) 
Please email to Mr. Hongyun ZHAO (General Manager of OSTEC, zhaohongyun@otic.com.cn) before Dec. 6th for the tour registration and detail arrangement.