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高能核核碰撞中产生的高重子密度物质蕴含着丰富的物理,对研究强相互作用相结构、宇宙和致密星体演化以及理解极端条件下核物质性质具有重要意义。随着未来国内外重离子大科学装置(德国FAIR/CBM、中国HIAF/CEE、俄罗斯NICA/MPD)的相继建成,高重子密度物理领域正成为国际物理研究的前沿热点。在这一背景下,系统分析和总结已有研究进展并规划未来发展路线,培养和储备高重子密度物理研究的人才队伍, 集聚国内外顶尖科学家的智慧显得尤为必要和重要。因此,我们决定发起高重子密度物理研讨会系列会议 (计划每年举办一次,以研讨会搭配更聚焦的小型专题讨论会形式),旨在为国内外科研人员搭建起高水平的学术交流平台,共同探讨高重子密度区物理的挑战和机遇。同时我们将与国内外核物理理论中心紧密合作,为推动我国高重子密度物理相关研究走向国际前沿打下坚实基础。


The high baryon density matter produced in high-energy nuclear-nuclear collisions harbors rich physics, which is of great importance for exploring the phase structure of strong interactions, the evolution of the universe and compact stars, and understanding the properties of nuclear matter under extreme conditions. With the upcoming completion of major heavy-ion facilities around the world (FAIR/CBM in Germany, HIAF/CEE in China, NICA/MPD in Russia), the field of high baryon density physics is becoming a frontier hotspot in international physics research. Against this background, it is particularly necessary and important to systematically analyze and summarize existing research progress, plan future development paths, cultivate and reserve talent teams for high baryon density physics research, and gather the wisdom of top scientists. Therefore, we have decided to launch a series of "Workshop on Physics at High Baryon Density" (planned to be held annually, in the form of seminars combined with more focused small-scale topical discussions), aiming to build a high-level academic exchange platform for researchers worldwide to jointly explore the challenges and opportunities of high baryon density physics. At the same time, we will work closely with domestic and international nuclear physics theory centers to lay a solid foundation for  high baryon density physics research.

The first workshop on physics at high baryon density will be held at Central China Normal University from Nov. 1 to 4, 2024, with registration on the Nov. 1st and the meeting time from the Nov. 2nd to the 4th. No registration fee will be charged. The talks are by invitation only. 

Physics Topics : 

1) QCD Phase Structure at High Baryon Density

2) Nuclear Matter at High Density and Equation of State  

3) Dynamical Evolution of Heavy-ion Collisions   

4) Nuclear Matter Under Extreme External Fields 

5) Hadron Properties in Nuclear Medium

6) Nuclear Physics in Compact Stars

Local Organizing Committee:

Hengtong Ding (Central China Normal University) 

Weijie Fu (Dalian University of Technology)

Sophia Han (T.D. Lee Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Xiaofeng Luo (Central China Normal University, co-Chair)

Guoliang Ma (Fudan University)

Zebo Tang (University of Science and Technology of China)

Chi Yang (Shandong University)

Pengfei Zhuang (Tsinghua University, co-Chair)

Yapeng Zhang (Institute of Modern Physics, CAS)

Registration for this event is currently open.