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Jul 1 – 5, 2024
Asia/Shanghai timezone


The shuttle bus information:

1.June 28  Baiyun Airport(No.A11 gate, T1 and exit gate, T2)to the hotel 

  BUS A: 14:00  

  BUS B: 18:00 

  Pick-up person: T1 Mr.Yuexiang Liu, 13824011871; T2 Mr.Tian Renju , 18675015669 )


2.June 30  Baiyun Airport(No.A11 gate, T1 and exit gate, T2)to the hotel 

  BUS A: 14:30  

  BUS B: 18:00 

  Pick-up person: T1 Mr.Yuexiang Liu, 13824011871; T2 Mr.Tian Renju ,18675015669 )

If your flight arrive at HongKong Airport, you can buy a direct bus ticket from the HongKong airport to the Pan Tower Hotel(Price:260RMB)

Time table: 7:30,9:30,10:30,12:00,15:30,19:00


1. If you fly to Hongkong or Macao, please find the transportation information below.

      1.1 Bus: You can buy a bus ticket across the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to Zhuhai. The bus tickets can be bought at Hongkong or Macao airport. If you need us arrange a car to pick you up at the Zhuhai bus station, please contact us the sooner the better. (Pick-up person: Junjie Yang, 13422799830)
       The Pan Tower International Hotel has a direct bus to Hong Kong, tickets can be purchased at the front desk, there are 6 daily departures, 7:00/8:30/13:00/14:30/15:30/17:00
      1.2 Train: There is a high-speed rail between Hong Kong and Kaiping South Railway Station.
         Hong Kong West Kowloon → Kaiping South Railway Station,  daily 10:18-12:41
         Kaiping South Railway Station → Hong Kong West Kowloon,  daily 17:37-19:58  

2. If you fly to Guangzhou, or other cities in mainland China, please find the transportation information below.

    2.1 From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to the meeting hotel (Pantower International Hotel)

           2.1.1 We will arrange two buses to pick you up from Baiyun Airport(No.A11 gate, Area A, T1  and exit gate, T2)to the hotel at 14:30 and 18:00 on June 30th, please choose the flight with the appropriate arrival time. (Pick-up person: T2 Yuexiang Liu, 13824011871; T1 will confirm late)

           2.1.2 For those who arriving at other times, you can also choose to take the airport shuttle bus to Kaiping. Currently, there are 5 buses available each day at the following times:10:30, 12:30, 15:00, 18:30. The ticket counter is located at the exit, and the boarding point is at Zone B of T1. After arriving at Kaiping station, which is about 5km away from the Pan Tower hotel, you can take taxi to the totel. 

3. If you take train, you can choose Kaiping South Train Station as the destination station, which is about 7km away from the hotel. You can take taxi by yourself. 

If you take taxi, Please show this to the taxi driver
① 请送我到潭江半岛酒店
Please take me to Pan Tower International Hotel