Mini-Workshop on BEPCII Background Study

A415 (Institute of High Energy Physics ,CAS)


Institute of High Energy Physics ,CAS

19B YuquanLu, Shijingshan District, Beijing
Zhang C (IHEP)
The purpose of the workshop is to study the background issues in the BEPCII/BESIII. Some experimental data and preliminary analysis of the BEPCII background measurement will be presented in the workshop. Experiences and results on background study in such factory-type e+-e- colliders/detectors as PEP-II/BaBar, KEKB/Belle and DAFNE will be presented in the workshop. On the base of these data, the workshop will intensively discuss and study the background issues in the BEPCII/BESIII in order to determine if the radiation level is low enough for the BESIII detector to roll into the interaction region of the BEPCII and to foresee the background and noise in the detector during its data taking. Simulation and eExperimental study on the backgrounds could be arranged during the workshop.

1. Participants

About 15 participants from BEPCII and BESIII of IHEP and 6 foreign experts will attend the workshop.

The contact persons (about academic issues) from IHEP side are:

Prof. Nan Huang (Accelerator)
Institute of High Energy Physics
P.O.Box 918, Beijing 100049

Dr. Da-peng Jin (Detector)
Institute of High Energy Physics
P.O.Box 918, Beijing 100049

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3. Transportation & Accommodation

The distance from Beijing Airport to IHEP is about 60 km. The transportation will be arranged to take the foreign guest experts from the airport to IHEP. Their arrival and departure dates and flight numbers are required to be informed in advance.

Please contact with IHEP Office to

Mr. Tiejun Deng
IHEP Office
86-10-88235014 (Tel.) 86-10-88233374 (Fax)

The accommodation is arranged in the IHEP Guest House.