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Apr 26 – 28, 2008
Asia/Shanghai timezone
Local Organization Committee

List of registrants

90 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
ang li Department of physics and ITPA, Xiamen University
Bifang Liu Yunnan Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
bin Fan Tsinghua Unversity
Changsheng Shi the astronomy department of Nanjing University
Changshuo Yan IHEP
Chen Hu NAOC
Chengliang Jiao XMU
Dangbo Liu Department of Physics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
defu Bu SHAO
Ding-Xiong Wang Huazhong University of Science & Technology
Fan Li Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
Feng Yuan SHAO 上海天文台
Fukun Liu Peking University
Guangyao Zhao SHAO
hao wang xiamen unversity
Hui Zhang SHAO
Hui-dong Hu Urumqi Observatory, National Astronomical Observatory, CAS
jieying liu YNAO
Jin Zhang Yunnan Astronomical Observatory,Chinese Academy of Sciences
JingFang Hao Tsinghua University
Jingmeng Hao 科大
Ju-Fu Lu Xiamen University
Juan Li Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
Jun Liu Urumqi Observatory, NAO
Lei Chen Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS
Lei Huang PhD. Student
lei zhang department of physics of HUST
Li Xue Department of physics and ITPA, Xiamen University
Li Gang Hou NAOC, Chinese Academy of Scienses
Ling Zhu Center of astrophysics, Tsinghua university
maochun wu 上海天文台
Min Lee Astronomy department, Nanjing University
Minfeng Gu SHAO
RenYi Ma SHAO 上海天文台
Renyu 人予 Hu 胡 Tsinghua Center for Astrophysics, Tsinghua University
Rongyu Sun Department of Astronomy, Nanjing University
ShanShan Weng 厦门大学物理系
Shaokun Li YNAO
Sheng-Ming(圣明) Zheng(郑) Department of Physics, Xiamen University
ShiChao Tang TsingHua Center for Astrophysics
shuang-liang li Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
Shuinai Zhang Department of Astronomy, Nanjing University
Shuo Li Department of Astronomy, Peking University
Tao Bai 中国天文学会
Tong Liu XiaMen Univ.
Wei Jiang UAO,NAOC
Wei-Min Gu Xiamen University
Weike Xiao Center for Astrophysics, Physics Department of Tsinghua University
Wen-Po(文泼) LIU(刘) 1.中科院上海天文台 2.中科院研究生院
WenFei Yu SHAO 上海天文台
Xiang-Yu Wang Department of Astronomy, Nanjing University
Xiangdong Li Department of Astronomy, Nanjing University
Xiaofeng Cao SHAO
Xiaojie Xu Nanjing University
Xie Fu-Guo Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
Xinwu Cao SHAO
Xue-Bing Wu Peking University
Yadi Xu Physics Department, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Yanfei Jiang Tsinghua
Yang Li Physics Department of Huzhong University of Science and Technology
Yanrong Li Key Laboratory for Particle Astrophysics, Institute of High Energy Physics,CAS
YE LU National Astronomical Observatories, Beijing
Yi Cao Tsinghua Center for Astrophysics
Yi Xing Shanghai Astronomical Obsercatory
Yipeng Wang Department of Astronomy Nanjing University
yiqing lin xiamen university of technology
Yong Chun Ye 华中科技大学
yuan liu Center for Astrophysics, Tsinghua University
Yuan Yi dept. of astronomy ,Nanjing University
yutao SUN Yunnan Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Zhang Fan IHEP
zhaolong yu 研究生
ZhaoMing Gan Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Zhaoyu Chen Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
Zhaoyu Li Peking University School of Physics, Astronomy Department
Zhen Yan SHAO
Zhen Zhang Nanjing University
Zhi-Qiang Shen Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
Zhigen Yang Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS
Zhixing Ling THCA
Zhonghui Fan IHEP
Zhongzu Wu SHAO
Zhou Xin-Lin tsinghua university
九洲 华中科技大学物理系
建锋 清华大学天体物理中心
承民 国家天文台