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Sep 13 – 14, 2013
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

110 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Beijiang Liu IHEP
Bo Zheng USC
chengguang zhu Shandong Univ
Chengping Shen Beihang University
Chong Sheng Li Peking University
Chun Du IHEP
Chunxu YU Nankai Univ.
Dayong Wang Peking University
Dong Liaoyuan IHEP
Feng LU Institute of High Energy Physics
gang xu ihep
Guangshun Huang USTC
Guo-Li Wang Department of Physics, Harbin Institute of Technology
Hai-jiang Lu Huangshan College
HaiBo LI Institute of High Energy Physics
Haijun Yang Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Haiming Hu IHEP
Hong Ma Brookhaven National Lab
Hong-Hao Zhang Sun Yat-Sen (Zhongshan) University
Hong-Jian He Tsinghua University
Hongbo Zhu IHEP
Hongliang Dai IHEP
hongying jin zhejiang university
Huaqiao ZHANG Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP)
Huiping Geng Institute of High Energy Physics
Huirong QI Insititu of High Energy Physics,CAS
jian Cheng IHEP
Jian-Ping Ma Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS, Beijing
Jianbei Liu University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)
Jianxiong Wang Theory Group, IHEP
Jie GAO IHEP, CAS, Beijing
Jing Shu Institute for Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jingyu Tang IHEP, Accelerator Center
Junhui Yue Institute of High Energy physics
Kai Wang Zhejiang University
Kai Zhu IHEP
Ke Wang Institute of high energy physics,CAS
Li Lin Yang Peking University
Liang Li Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Liangliang WANG IHEP, Beijing
Lianliang Ma Shandong University
Ling Zhao IHEP
Linghui Wu IHEP
Manqi Ruan IHEP
Mao HE Shandong University
meifen wang IHEP
Meng Wang Shandong University
Minghan Ye CCAST
Minghui Liu USTC
Mingshui Chen IHEP
Mingyi dong IHEP
NING CHEN Center for High Energy Physics, Tsinghua University
Ping Rong-Gang Institute of High Energy Physics of Chinese Academy of Science
qian liu UCAS
Qiang Li Peking Univ.
Qing QIN Institute of High Energy Physics
Qing-Hong Cao Department of Physics, Peking University
Qun Ouyang IHEP
Sen Qian Institute of High Energy Physics , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shan Jin IHEP
Shenjian Chen NJU
Shi-Lin ZHU Peking University
Shi-Yuan LI Shandong University
Shuangshi Fang IHEP
Shuxian Du ZhengZhou University
Sijin Qian Peking University
Tao Han Univ. of Pittsburgh & TsingHua University
Tao Hu Institute of High Energy Physics,CAS
Wei Liao East China University of Science and Technology
Weiguo Lu IHEP, CAS
Wen Kang Magnet Group, Accelerator Centor
Xiang Zhou Wuhan University
Xianghong Liu WST
Xiaobin Ji IHEP
Xiaojun Bi IHEP, CAS
Xiaoling LI Shandong University
Xin Chen Tsinghua University
Xinchou Lou IHEP
Xingtao Huang Shandong University
Xinmin Zhang IHEP
Xueqian Li Nankai University
Xueyao Zhang Shandong University
Xurong Chen Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yangheng Zheng UCAS
Yaquan Fang Institute of High Energy Physics
Ye Yuan IHEP
Yong Ban Peking University
Yuan Zhang IHEP
Yuanning Gao Tsinghua University
YueKun Heng IHEP
Yufeng LI IHEP
yun peng lu ihep
zhaohui Liang (WST)Western Superonducting Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Zhaoxi Zhang ITP
Zhen An Liu IHEP
Zhenchao Liu IHEP
Zheng-Tao Wei Nankai University
Zhenyu Zhang Wuhan University
Zhi-zhong Xing IHEP, Beijing
Zhilong Hou IHEP
Zhiyong Wang IHEP
Zhonghua Qin IHEP
Zian Zhu IHEP
Zongye Zhang IHEP
守华 北京大学