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20-22 October 2014
四川省成都市西南交通大学镜湖宾馆 Southwest JiaoTong university ChengDu, SiChuan
Asia/Shanghai timezone
总结过去,展望未来,我们将举办“2014年度ARGO-YBJ国际合作组会议暨粒子天体物理研讨会”。 会议将以高质量的学术报告总结ARGO-YBJ实验的科学研究成果,讨论LHAASO相关的粒子天体物理课题、实验预先研究、项目进展等相关议题。主要内容将涉及甚高能伽玛射线天文、超高能宇宙射线和银河宇宙线与太阳活动的关联等研究课题,从理论研究、实验技术、数据分析技术、物理研究方法、物理分析结果等多方面展开详细而深入的研讨。会议不分会场、计划邀请36个报告,全为大会报告。请大家踊跃报名并提供报告题目。在会议的休会期间还将组织1-2个小规模的专题讨论会。 This workshop is dedicated to summary the ARGO-YBJ scientific results. The participant will report their new results concerning the topics about gamma-ray astronomy, cosmic ray physics and other related areas. Another important topic of this workshop is to bring together people interested in Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (LHAASO) Project. Participants will report on the progresses made in relative theory, R/D of detector and its optimization, simulations of some selected physical targets etc.
Starts Oct 20, 2014 09:00
Ends Oct 22, 2014 18:00
四川省成都市西南交通大学镜湖宾馆 Southwest JiaoTong university ChengDu, SiChuan
四川省成都市西南交通大学,Southwest JiaoTong university, ChengDu, SiChuan
会议联系人 查 敏:zham@ihep.ac.cn 祝风容: zhufr@ihep.ac.cn 张慧敏: zhanghm@ihep.ac.cn 袁爱芳:yuanaf@ihep.ac.cn If you would like to give a presentation at the workshop, please contact the following person - Min Zha (zham@ihep.ac.cn) -Fengrong Zhu (zhufr@ihep.ac.cn) - Huimin Zhang (zhanghm@ihep.ac.cn) - Aifang Yuan (yuanaf@ihep.ac.cn)