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1-7 August 2015
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Most foreign visitors need a visa to enter China. As far as we know, applying for a tourist visa (L-visa) is probably the easiest. Please ask Ms. Lei Dang (dangl@ihep.ac.cn ) to send you the confirmation of the accommodation.

At the same time, there are rare occasions on which a tourist visa application is denied. If you need a business visa ( F visa ), please send the following information to Ms. Lei Dang ( dangl@ihep.ac.cn ) at least one month before your visit. SI2015 will provide you the invitation letter and visa letter supporting your visa application. It will take about 20 days to get a visa letter after we receive your information. 

  • Name on the passport:
  • Passport Number and its expiration date:
  • Gender: Citizenship:
  • Date of birth:
  • Profession and title:
  • Stay Period:
  • The Name and Address of your institution/university:
  • Which Chinese Embassy you plan to get your visa(s) (name of the city and country): Have you ever visited China with a F visa: Yes or No? (Please send us the scanned copy of your F visa page. There is a new rule for visa letter application at CAS, the visitor who have visited China with a F-visa could apply for a multiple entry F visa letter, or only the application for one-entry visa letter could be issued by CAS. )
The process of visa application may take some time, depending on the particular type of visa you apply for. Please consult a Chinese consulate near you for detailed information.