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Welcome to the website of the 11th Workshop on QCD Phase Transition and Relativistic Heavy-ion Physics.

News: the timetable of program is available.  Aug 12, 2015


一、 乘飞机抵达哈尔滨太平国际机场
        抵达机场后可乘机场巴士1号线 (票价20元)至通达街站安发桥站下车,原地乘出租车至哈工大西苑宾馆贵新街汉庭酒店(车费15元左右,另加燃油费1元)。也可直接从机场乘出租车到达上述目的地(车费120元左右)。
二、 乘火车抵达哈尔滨西站
三、 乘火车抵达哈尔滨站

The purpose of this workshop is to offer an opportunity for scientists to have a close examination of both theoretical and experimental results on heavy-ion programs at CSR, FAIR, RHIC and LHC.

Topics to be covered:
(1) QCD phase transition
(2) Hydrodynamics and collective flow
(3) Particle correlation and flutucations
(4) High pT physics and Jet observables in heavy-ion collisions
(5) Heavy-ion collision experiments at CSR, FAIR, RHIC and LHC
(6) Other related physics

Advisory Commitee: (in order by last name)

Mei Huang (黄梅 IHEP)
Zuotang Liang (梁作堂 SDU)
Yuxin Liu (刘玉鑫 PKU)
Yugang Ma (马余刚 SINAP)
Qun Wang (王群 USTC)
Xinnian Wang (王新年 CCNU)
Guoqing Xiao (肖国青 IMP)
Nu Xu (许怒 CCNU)
Yuan Zhao (赵远 HIT)
Pengfei Zhuang (庄鹏飞 THU)

Organization Committee:

Yugang Ma (马余刚 Co-Chair, SINAP)
Lei Huo (霍雷 Co-Chair, HIT)
Weining Zhang (张卫宁 HIT)
Jingbo Zhang (张景波 HIT)
Jinhui Chen (陈金辉 SINAP)
Guoliang Ma (马国亮 SINAP)
Jianli Liu (刘剑利 Secretary, HIT)


Note: deadline of register and abstract submit is delayed to July 19, 2015

Date and Venue: The workshop will be organized by Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (SINAP) and by the Department of Physics at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), and will be held on the campus of HIT in Harbin, China on August 17 - 19, 2015.

Contact Email: jinux@hit.edu.cn (Prof. Zhang Jingbo, HIT)