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Oct 18 – 20, 2015
Chengdu, China
Asia/Shanghai timezone

In recent years gamma-ray astronomy, neutrino astronomy and cosmic ray observations have obtained impressive astrophysical results. Modern astronomy and astrophysics are also experiencing an exciting era as the multi-wavelength, multi-messenger and multi-observatory (“3M”) observations are becoming mature due to the powerful detectors and advanced analysis techniques.

Air shower detection at high altitude, including imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes such as HESS, MAGIC, and VERITAS, large field-of-view particle detectors such as Tibet AS-γ, ARGO-YBJ, IceTop, MILAGRO and HAWC, have demonstrated great potential of high-energy gamma and cosmic ray observations. Data from current and future experiments at high altitude will be a necessary portion in the“3M” observations.

The aim of the 6th Workshop on Air Shower Detection at High Altitude is to review recent major results obtained in the gamma-ray astronomy, neutrino astronomy, cosmic ray and astroparticle physics, including relevant theoretical studies on acceleration scenarios. Special attention will be paid to the complementary aspects among ground-based experiments at high altitude and their connection with other underground and space-based observations. The workshop will review recent LHC results on hadronic interactions and their implications in air shower data interpretation. Proposed LHAASO science topics will also be discussed and reviewed. For those who are interested to see the LHAASO site(4400 m a.s.l.) after the workshop, the local organizing committee will provide necessary travel and other logistic information.

The registration is free of charge.

Chengdu, China
Graduate School, Room 3-231
Sichuan University
  • Hongbo Hu
Workshop Organizer:  Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences Workshop Co-Organizers:  Chengdu Branch, Chinese Academy of Sciences  Sichuan Development and Reform Commission  China Center of Advanced Science and Technology